Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quick note on the Emmys

Yes, I did see some of the Emmys. I really didn't have a choice. Trust me. It was that or Hannah Montana.

Anyway, did you see the opening? This is TV's biggest night! You want to start of with a bang, get the audience all into the show. How do you do that? Start of with Oprah talking about the first 60 years of TV, then have 5 reality TV hosts babble for ten minutes. Really? That was the best idea they came up with? I think if the celebrities in the audience didn't have a chance to win an award they would have left. Or at least taken a nap.

Jenn thinks I was being too cranky, I don't think so. Did you see it? Am I wrong? Granted, I didn't watch much more of it, but I think having the reality hosts was a bad idea. Are you with me?

I need to go rinse out my eyes with some manly shows now. Is Die Hard on?


bluegame said...

It's just because tou don't like Oprah!Was she not powerfull speaker? How about that slimming Red Dress? Did you eat the Birthday Cake I left you?

Mike said...

Lori: It wasn't just her, or me, the whole show was bad.

Yes we had some of the cake. There is still a lot left.