Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's new on TV?

(For those of you quick enough, I hit enter on accident and published a blank page. Sorry. Although, that may be better than this post.)

We are at the beginning of a new fall TV season.  Are any of you trying out anything new? Or new to you?

I've been wanting to watch Fringe, but I have managed to miss all of the episodes so far. I think we might have the pilot on one of our TiVos, but I think we are missing at least one episode. I really wanted to check that show out, it was a complete accident that I have missed it. Can it really be an accident if I missed all of the epsiodes? Is my brain trying to tell me something? I have heard ho-hum reviews, maybe that is part of the problem. Anyone else watch it? Is it worth my time?

The other day I caught some of CSI: Miami. Yeah, I'm glad I didn't stick with that show back in the early days.(Sorry, Suzanne.) It's like all the actors are on a soap opera, over-acting all over the place. And what year is it supposed to be on that show? Is it the near future? They have thes computers that are so advanced that you can just put a cell phone on the table and it can get all the info out of it. No USB cable required! Do you think the Miami police department really has something like that? Do you think people who work for them in real life laugh at that stuff? I'm guessing they do.

Jenn and I watched one new show so far; The Mentalist. To be honest, I wasn't so sure I'd like this show. The stuff I ws reading about it made it sound like Psych, without being funny. Granted, The Mentalist isn't a knee-slapper, but I thought it was a good show. At least the first episode. What I really liked was that the main character came right out and said that psychics are fake, and he was a fake when he used to pretend to talk to the dead. I won't go into the whole show here, but check it out. It's pretty good. Would I lie to you?

Oh, I should say I didn't bother watching Knight Rider. Those of you who read what I had to say about the movie earlier this year probably figured I wouldn't watch it. Based on what Television Without Pity had to say, I didn't miss much.Though, I think it would be fun to write about the show.

I guess I really haven't watched many new shows so far, and it doesn't look like I will. Unless you have any suggestions...


dc said...

I saw the first half of the first episode of Fringe and it seemed good, but like you, I also forgot to catch any other episodes. I just don't think I'll be able to keep up with it.

I haven't seen any new shows that seem really interesting. Plus, since I don't watch a lot of TV it makes it hard for me to keep up with anything.

Mike said...

DC: well you're no help. :)

Do they have TV's you can watch while working out at the Y? You can catch up there. If they are playing the shows you want, that is.

dc said...

Pfft...fine! :P

They do have TV's but the sound is off and I can't read the closed captioned.

Mike said...

DC: I guess it would be hard to read from across the room. Maybe the need some fiat, wall-size TVs.

Suzanne said...

Ha to CSI Miami! I did watch it in the early days but haven't for awhile. I may now actually watch the original CSI since the most annoying character is leaving. Yes Horatio on Miami is annoying too but a little more tolerable. Have a good one and I enjoy reading your blog to keep up on the family.

Mike said...

Suzanne: Jenn told me you don't watch it anymore. I can't see why. :) Horatio isn't so much annoying as he is over the top. I don't watch any of the CSI's anymore, I got tired of them.

Hope all is well is California.