Sunday, September 21, 2008

Close one!

You know what the best feeling is in the morning? When you wake up, look at the clock, and realize you have to be at work in 30 minutes. That was how my day started. But, me being a guy with no need for make-up (or a shower), I was able to make it in time.

Needless to say, I was a little rushed this morning. I knew what I was going to wear to work, so that helped, but didn't have time to make anything for lunch. So let's go over what I've eaten today. I had a donut for breakfast (the manager brought them in today), and now I am having microwave popcorn and Cherry Coke for lunch. I wonder how close I am getting to my recommended daily requirement of vitamins and minerals? I think I will need to eat a whole garden full of fruit and vegetables to get caught up. At least I'm having some corn!

Speaking of corn, I had to buy the Ultimate Super Butter Flavor (now with more buttery good taste) version of the popcorn. I haven't had this kind in a while. I feel some kind of weird coating on my tongue right now. I need a tongue and gum scraper. Is this the stuff that was giving people cancer? I feel nauseous, but I want to eat more. What is wrong with me?

Did you hear about David Blaine's new stunt? What is wrong with this guy? Who gives him money to hung upside-down for 60 hours? You know he is a great daredevil. He may suffer some cramps and temporary blindness with this stunt. Who says Evel Knievel was the best daredevil? This guy is way more bad-ass! Does he get bathroom breaks, or does he have to go while he's upside-down? Now that would be a trick!

Have you realized I really have nothing to say today? It is Sunday, nobody reads blogs on Sunday anyway.

Here is a link to a fun thing to share at work tomorrow. I might be late to this one. Sorry to waste your time linking.

How was your weekend?


dc said...

I had a pretty busy weekend. Spent some time with my mom on Saturday and spent all day Sunday at the sports bar watching football. My team lost...again. But the beers eased my pain.

Mike said...

DC: Dont get me started on football. The Bears pissed me off this weekend. They should have won!

Sorry about the Rams. There is always next week, right?

dc said...

The Bears game was very exciting! I was really hoping they pulled it off in OT.

Yeah, I guess, there is always next week...I'll be saying that a lot. lol

Mike said...

DC: I'd call it more depressing than exciting. :) the funny thing is I was more worried about the offense this year. Now the defense seems to be the bigger problem. Not that the offense is great or anything.