Monday, September 8, 2008



Lots of hats!

Lots and lots of hats!

Golf hats,

Rock hats.

Hats from other cities.

These hats show I'm geeky.

Which of these makes me more of a geek?

What about this one?

I think this is the winner.

Do these beer hats make me cool?

My only baseball team hat. I think I bought this the
first year the team was added to the league.

Living in Chicago in the 90's you had to have one of these Jordan
hats. I believe there was an ordinance passed requiring it.

I have more hats than I need. That's all I have to say.
Anything you want to share?


dc said...

That is a lot of hats! That would sum up my collection of anything Rams or Spiderman related. I only have a handful of hats and, you guessed it, they're Rams or Spiderman only.

Jenn said...

Contrary to what readers of this post may think, you are not in danger of losing your hair.

Mike said...

DC: I would expect your to me Rams and Spiderman. Anything else and I would be disappointed. :)

Jenn: I was wondering if I should put something about that on the post. Oh well.

Florinda said...

OK, I know some people do the cat-blogging thing, but since you have a dog that's not an option for you. I think you may have just become the first - and maybe last? - hat-blogger!

Mike said...

Florinda: Hey, someone has to start the trend. Let's see if it takes off. :)