Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Assignment #234: It's a Good Thing

Karen wants to give us an easy assignment this week:

Weekend Assignment #234: Tell me one good thing about the area where you live (city, town, or whatever). It doesn't have to be the best thing, just something that's in the plus column for you.

I guess the easy answer would be that we are close to everything. Sure, we don't live in the city, but in my opinion, we have enough close by to keep ourselves busy.

We have great restaurants here. We have a Rosebud, Shaw's Crab House, Morton's Steakhouse, Benihana, Texas de Brazil, and we have a Ruth's Criss steakhouse opening up one town over. Isn't that a great list of places to eat? I even left off Olive Garden! So you see, we have just as many over-priced restaurants as the city. Why spend even more on gas?

Do you like to shop? Well, Woodfield mall has you covered. Plus, we have a few other stip malls and lifestyle centers that have even more stores. Plus an IKEA! Yes, I said IKEA! I know that is a big deal for some people.

For entertainment we have a new arena that opened up about 5 minutes away. Of course, no band has been there that I want to see yet, but we do have a professional lacrosse team that plays there. You can't find that downtown. There is talk they want to build another outdoor stadium in the same area. The funny thing about that is they had one there and tore it down 15 years ago.

I'm kind of rambling here but we have a ton of things to do right here in my town, and just across the border. That is why I like where I live. I don't need to travel far to be entertained.

Extra Credit: How could that good thing be even better?

There was talk a few years back of moving the Chicago Bears out here and building a stadium. That might be interesting. It's not going to happen now though.


dc said...

I went to Rosebud when I was out in Chicago. I don't think it was the one nearby you though.

The good thing about my area...the liquor store within walking distance. Actually there's a few things around me. The coolest thing is that the colorful street scene in the 1st Spiderman was filmed in my city. I was at work so I missed it. :(

Mike said...

DC: No, you weren't. This one just opened.

Too bad you missed the filming. You should have called it sick. :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

We don't have an IKEA, so I'm a little envious on that detail. Never heard of most of those restaurants, but I would love the opportunity to try them anyway!

Florinda said...

Hey, don't be dissing IKEA :-)!

You've done a great job capturing the glories of the suburbs. It really is OK that you didn't mention the Olive Garden, though :-).

Mike said...

Karen: People come from all over to go to IKEA. I guess there aren't many stores around. If you lived around Chicago you would know those restaurants. They are popular in the city, but I don't have to drive there now. :)

Florinda: I'm not dissing IKEA, really. We have some stuff from there, but we were missing some little pieces. It is so big, you get lost in there!
I know some people make a fuss about Olive Garden. I don't like it. Well, I do like there breadsticks. That's about it. :)

Kiva said...

My husband would be in paradise if we had all those eateries near us, especially Ruth Criss. The Chicago area has the BEST restaurants. Do they play the blues at your Shaw's Crab House?

Mike said...

Kiva: We do have a lot of good places to eat. Especially steakhouses.

I have never been to Shaw's actually so I don't know. My wife has been there a few times, I'll ask her.