Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #45: Black and Blue

Carly wants some black and blue things this week. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I don't have a have bruise to show you. Those are always fun to share.

Here's what I do have for you this week:

I had a little trouble finding some things with the correct colors at first. Then I remembered some wine bottles we had in the house. The wine bottle pops up a few times.

On this first try, I tried to focus through the bottle. It turned out okay, not great.

Next, I tried to get more of the lettering, the lighting wasn't great, as you can see:

It was more of a flash problem than anything else.

Then, I took a picture of my new baby in it's protective case.

You didn't think it was going to be an actual baby, did you?

Lastly, the wine bottle came back and I tried to work with some sunlight coming through a window.

Like I said, I tried.

For the extra credit Carly wanted to know something about or favorite colors and favorite color choices for photography. Well, my favorite color is red, but I don't find it easy to photograph. I find some shades of green easier. Maybe it's just because I like nature shots.

That's all for today. Go check out the other shots now.


Carly said...

Hi Mike :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Don't worry about it not being on my official birthday, I celebrate the birthday season, and gratefully accept wishes well into the fall!


Great ideas with the bottles! I really like what you did, and I want to encourage you to keep working with different lighting opportunities. I loved the bottle behind the shade, that is a wonderful approach! The blue with the black and white stripes is striking!! Good job!


Shannon said...

Love your black and blue shots... and I'm with you my favorite color is red! :) I guess I was too late to participate this week.. darn!

Suzanne R said...

Neat shots as you experimented with the wine bottle. Perfect for the theme, too!

Mike said...

Thanks everyone!

Martha said...

I think you did a fine job! Thanks for stopping by :-)