Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Goodbye, old friend

Well, the old car is gone. It wasn't supposed to be this quick, but we left her at the dealership, gave her a hug and took our new car home last night.

What was supposed to happen, was Jenn and I go to the dealership last night, check out the car that came in, sign some of the papers to get some of that done, then come back today or tomorrow and pick it up. Somehow we ended up being there until after 10pm and came home with the new car. I didn't even have the title for the old car with me. I need to find that to bring it in. I'm pretty sure I know where it is. Maybe.

So, now we have a new car with the new car smell and no dings. Yet. See, that is the part I hate about a new car. Now we have to watch where we park, make sure we have room to open the doors, and enough room for the loser next to us to open his door without smacking it into our car. There is nothing worse than the first ding on new car. It always comes too soon. Am I right?

Anyway, before we traded the old car in I was able to witness this:

This is the first car we have owned that broke the 100,000 mile barrier. Every other car has bit the dust just before that mark. I found it fitting that it happened on the day we sold it. Don't you?

Okay, I need to go to work.


Florinda said...

Congratulations on your new arrival! The novelty still hasn't worn off the car my husband bought in February, but the smell mostly has :-).

My car has over 150K miles on it and needs to last quite a few miles more before we can replace it.

I know just what you mean about new-car nerves and the lack of dings. I almost feel better to get the first one out of the way.

Dreamybee said...

Congrats on the new car! I know what you mean about that first dent too. It didn't take long after we bought our last car for somebody to back out of a parking space too shallowly and put a nice gouge all the way down the side of our car. Maybe you should just go open the door next to a post or something and get it out of the way!

Mike said...

Florinda: Thanks!

I do feel a little better sometimes, tool; it just depends on how bad that first ding is. :)

Dreamybee: Thanks!

That would suck. Sorry about that. My biggest fear is at work, a lot of the parking spots are small and not many people know how to park. :)

Prince@LexusOfAnnarbor.com said...

Hitting the 100k mark is great! As a matter of fact, only few cars are capable of hitting that mileage mark. What’s your new car now?

Arlyne Nelms @ SpartanToyota said...

It was a little too late, but at least you witnessed it hit that 100,000 mile barrier. With a new car, adjustments has to be made. Take time and have patience to do those much needed adjustments, Mike.