Monday, July 6, 2009

Want to take a nap at work? Just buy the Cozy.

No longer is the blanket with the built in sleeves enough; now you need a blanket with a built in head rest. I give you the Cozy.

Look how comfortable it is to take a nap anywhere now. Sleep at your desk, on a plane, in a lounge chair in your backyard. Your chair doesn't have a head rest? No problem, the Cozy will take care of that for you? Want to possibly get tangled up in it an choke yourself accidentally? Or maybe not so accidentally, if you know what I mean, then you need to get a cozy.

Look how comfortable that guy is sleeping at his desk! Don't worry, his boss will understand that he needs to energize himself after that tough business lunch that included four beers. And look, when you use it folded up your arms seemed to be trapped inside, thus adding extra stress on your neck that the pillow is attached to. How comfortable!

Oh, you really need to watch the video on that site. I love the part where the kids are running around the house while the mother has her arms in the Cozy. It looks like they tied her up in there so they can do what they want!

Also, if you order now you get a bunch of other stuff for free, well if you include 9 bucks as postage and handling as free. Actually, with the postage and handling on the whole set you nearly double the low, low price of $19.99.  What a bargain!

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