Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can you OD on Ben Gay?

Oh, I hate to think what kind of searches lead people to this post...

It seems I have become old. Yes, I've been using Ben Gay all week. You might say to yourself, "But, Mike, you are a strong young man. Surely you just need it because you are working out too much."

Ha! You crack me up. And don't call me Shirley.

Do you know how I hurt my shoulder and neck? No, really, do you know? I have no idea. All I know is I was talking to Jenn and it felt like someone was poking me in the shoulder with a pencil. That pencil transformed into a dagger, which was slowly twisted around and yanked up to my neck.

When it first started, it was no big deal. I started moving my shoulder around to try and work it out, Jenn ran out to pick up some food, and when she came back I was nearly incapacitated and sitting on the couch. It was very weird. I wasn't lifting anything when it happened. I didn't just finish a workout. I was just standing there. I'm pathetic.

That all happened on Friday. I've spent the last few days downing Aleve and slathering my shoulder and neck with Ben Gay. My pillow smells like a menthol factory. I'm at least smart enough to wait until I get home from work to put the stuff on.

My shoulder feels a lot better today, though my neck is still sore. My guess is something is out of whack in my neck and causing the problem. Jenn has been telling me to make an appointment at the orthopedic doctor near our house. She's probably right. I like to wait for these kids of things to go away on their own, but it's taking a while and I can't do anything. When it is bad it hurts to walk, let alone run or do anything remotely physical. Heck, it hurts to lay in bed.

As I said, I'm old.

Maybe 60 minutes is looking for someone to blog for them...


Cookie said...

Be a smart old guy and listen to your wife! Next thing you know, you'll hurt yourself sleeping. :p

Seriously, get seen and feel better.

Florinda said...

I have to pick up some Ben-Gay at the store for my 80-year-old dad this week. (I'm serious.) Should I get some for you while I'm there?

Glad you're starting to feel better, but you really should get that checked out.

But remember, you're 40 now, which means you have officially entered the "things fall apart" years :-).

Mike said...

Cookie: Thanks. It is feeling a little better.

Florinda: Could you?

I know, that is the part I'm worried about...

Unfocused Me said...

Nonononono. Aleve and ice. And a stiff shot of bourbon. The ice is for your shoulder, don't put it in the bourbon. You'll be fine.

And if that sounds good, then next time you need legal advice you should call a doctor.

Mike said...

Unfocused: Believe me, I've had a lot of Aleve. I'm not a bourbon fan, though. I'll just drink extra beer. :)

I'm going to see the doctor this week, but the Urbanatholon is out. I hurts to run, not to mention wall climbing and car jumping. Still planning on the Hot Chocolate race.