Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not a good end to the day

My plan was to do a write up about the race I did this weekend, but that changed when Jenn called me on the way home from work. It seems someone tried to occupy the same lane Jenn was in, as we all know from the laws of physics, that's just not possible. So, this was the result.

It's not terrible, though the mirror is trashed and the door scrapes the front quarter panel when it opens. Needless to say, some duct tape has been used. So, tomorrow I plan on making a few phone calls to get it fixed. Luckily Jenn wasn't hurt and the place we bought the car has a body shop.

I just hope this goes smoothly. It's never fun to deal with insurance companies. Especially when it is not your own insurance company.

We really have terrible luck with people being stupid around us when we have a new car.

I hope you had a better day.


Florinda said...

Bummer about the car! Glad Jenn's OK, though.

Dreamybee said...

Well, at least now you don't have to worry about that first ding on the new car anymore. :(

Glad Jenn's OK too. Good luck with the insurance co.

Cookie said...

Oh no! Thank goodness Jenn is okay. I hope the insurance and repair people make this painless for both of you.

Are you going to tell us about the race? Or are we out of luck now?

Mike said...

Florinda: Thanks. Yeah, it sucks. It's not terrible, but it's very annoying.

Dreamybee: True, this is one way to get that one out of the way. The call is in to the other person's car insurance, so we'll see how it goes.

Cookie: Thanks, me too. I'm writing about it now... :)