Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Meet Cruise

Look how cute he is sitting there.

Mind you, this has been pretty much the only time he has sat still for the last 24 hours, if that tells you anything. Don't get me wrong, he's a good dog, he's just never been to our house so there has been some adjusting and sniffing time. Did I mention he is part hound? Yes, he sniffs everything. A lot. He could make a good vacuum cleaner. Maybe that's where they Dyson guy got his vacuum ideas. I need to find out if he has a hound of some sort.

There's another thing. What kind of hound is cruise? Are there are many different kids? Are they all the same? He doesn't bark too much, but it is a distinctive hound bark. If there are any former prison inmates living in the neighborhood they probably have flashbacks when Cruise barks.

Quincy and Cruise are getting along okay. Though Cruise reminds me of our daughter, he seems to try an irritate Quincy. Take going outside for instance, I'll open the door and Cruise will literally go underneath Quincy to get out first. He steals toys away from Quincy when he's not looking, and ignores Quincy when Quincy wants to play. This is going to be interesting.

I will say this, these two are wearing each other out. They've each had about four gallons of water these last 24 hours and I've never heard so much panting in one house ever. (I'll leave you to enter your own joke here.)

They have been rough-housing a lot. I've never had two dogs before so I don't know if it is all play, or when one is getting ticked off. I've broken them up a couple of times when they seem like they might hurt each other, but so far they seem to like getting each other riled up. Oh, and Quincy has not tried to steal any of the kid's toys since Cruise has come to the house. That is a bonus right there.

So, that was my big news of the week. Let's hope this works out. Pray for us.


Florinda said...

When you mentioned "dogs" in a comment earlier, I was afraid I'd missed something. I just hadn't seen this post yet!

Good luck with your new family member! I had two dogs for a few years. They mostly got along, but there were times I wasn't sure if they were playing or fighting.

Cruise is a nice-looking boy!

Cookie said...

What a pretty boy! I can totally see the hound in him. Good luck on getting everyone adjusted to your new family.

Mike said...

Florinda: Thanks! It's going to be interesting for a little while. He seems to be adjusting okay. So far.

Cookie: Thanks. I'm hoping for the best. I should mention that Quincy looks so dirty from playing with Cruise. He's normally a little better looking. :)