Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #56: Autumn

Carly wants something to do with Autumn this week. I took a few shots, some turned out better than others.

Here is a leaf full of holes. This was caused by a bug infestation that we had. Most of the leaves that fall from this tree look this way now. Let's hope it doesn't happen next spring.

Here is an attempt to show the red leaves showing up on this tree. It look really cool when it is all red. I'll try to get a shot when it is all red.

That's about all I have. Go to Carly's site and see the rest!


Carly said...

Hi Mike :)

It looks like autumn is just getting started. It's that way here also, I just love it when there are little colorful hints here and there. Thanks for playing along hon.


Wammy said...

The first leaf is how I feel this mornin...all dried up and spent! And the sumac is starting to turn here also. Like what you have doen.

Liz said...

I like the contrast between the red and green, as both colours enhance each other and this photograph definitely 'welcomes autumn'.
I hope you get your 'bug' problem solved before next year if it is threatening the life of the tree.

Suzanne R said...

The first leaf has an interesting look to it because of the holes. I like the interspersing of red leaves among the green in the second shot. Very nice pictures!