Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend Assignment #285: Lost and Found

Since I was a slacker and didn't get to Karen's last assignment in time, I making sure to get this one done quickly. Karen's assignment of the week:

I'm going to combine the main question and the extra credit all into one. I hope that is okay with you. Too bad if not.

I can't remember exactly when this happened, but it was close to ten years ago. At least eight. I think. Anyway, it was a cold and snowy January (maybe February) night. Jenn and I had just gotten home from a dinner at Chevy's and I just come in from taking our puppy, Cosmo, out. I noticed something was different as soon as I took my gloves off. May hand, more specifically my left hand, felt weird. The usual rubbing of the wedding ring on my pinky wasn't there.

Since I'm a typical guy, I didn't say anything to Jenn at first. I went up stairs to check my dresser. Maybe I forgot to put it on this morning, I thought. Nope, not there. It wasn't in the bathroom. Not in my coat that was hanging up. It didn't take Jenn long to figure out something was up. So I confessed, my wedding ring was missing. I looked around the house. I looked as best as I could outside where I took Cosmo out, and out around the car. Nothing.

We both figured I dropped it outside the restaurant when I took my glove off to get my car key out of my pocket. I don't remember if we called the restaurant, but we probably did. Jenn wasn't mad. She knew it was an accident. Somehow, all those times I played with my ring, I never lost it. That would have been bad, this was understandable.

Since I had recently finished my second round at school, and we were paying bills back, we didn't rush out to get it replaced. It's not like I went out to bars a lot anyway. Nobody was going to think I was available.

Well, since the title gave the climax of the story away, I'll jump to what happened.

Sometime in March we were doing some spring cleaning. The place we were in was pretty small, and we didn't have kids yet, so it wasn't a tough task. As I was moving some stuff around off to the side of the patio door, something shiny caught my eye. Yep, my ring. See, I was right about it coming off with my glove, just wrong about the location. This was the patio door I always took Cosmo out, and when I took my glove off by the door it must have flew behind the speaker that was right there. See, sometimes it pays to procrastinate when it comes to replacing things!

At least it was a happy ending, right? I've never lost my ring again. But, I have forgotten to put it on at times. Usually when I've hit snooze one too many times before work.


Florinda said...

Sometimes I've forgotten to put my wedding rings back on right away, but I've never lost them. (I did manage to lose the husband that came with the first ring, though.)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Great story! I'm glad you got it back. Maybe you could blame the dog?