Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #55: Bugs!

I think Carly is reading my mind. I've been taking a few pictures of bugs these last several days, and now the assignment is bugs. Cool. Not all of these were taken specifically for the assignment, but most were from this week.

First, I have a kind of creepy bug. I posted it on Flickr and someone figured out what it was. I just thought it was weird because of the super long legs. It was taken with my phone, so it's not the best quality.

This next bug shot is a little old. I took it while I was taking Quincy for a walk, again with the phone. It's a cicada of some sort coming out of it's shell, or whatever it is called.

This last one is a favorite. This was sitting on our doorstep the other day. It's a leaf bug. And since it was a macro shot, it takes care of the extra credit, too. The kids were very excited to see this outside. So excited that we were almost late for school.

There are my bug shots, now go to Carly's site and check out the rest.


fdtate said...

That leaf bug is pretty amazing! A nifty find.

Suzanne R said...

Wow, I like those bug pictures. I've never seen a leaf bug -- I don't know if we have them around here. I would likely think it was a real leaf! LOL! Great shots!

Wammy said...

We have lots of those nagging biting bugs here too. The KatieDid is nice.

Liz said...

I would have called the first bug 'A Daddy-Long-Legs' when I was a child or a Crane Fly now.When I find them in the house it is still one of the bugs I catch in a glass first before returning to the great outdoors, not because I fear it but because I fear injuring its' delicate form with my hands.
The leaf bug photograph was fascinating and so well shown against the background.