Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who stepped on Fred?

I took this picture today while out looking for something to shoot for the Flickr photo group. I wasn't planning to take pictures of ducks, but I liked the way this duck is lifting his leg like he is passing gas. Childish, I know.

So, that's the bad joke in the title. They wouldn't say, "Who stepped on a duck?" since they are ducks. Get it? Hee.

On another note, my son lost his front tooth today. He's been working on it for a week. I've asked him several times if he wants me to tie it to a doorknob, but he just looks at me like I'm insane.

It's funny though, I lost my last tooth about 30 years ago, but I can still remember what it felt like to have a tooth that loose in my mouth. I have know idea why that is. We can't remember how much we gave, him for the last tooth he lost since it was large gap in time. Do we just try and shove a Wii under his pillow? Is that the going rate now?

Okay, back to watching some new TV shows. Anyone trying anything new and interesting?


Florinda said...

I thought you and my husband discussed the going rate for teeth on Twitter - something about an iPod Touch and 50 bucks? (Note: never listen to my husband.)

Cookie said...

Must be man humor since it's a male duck and everything. ;^)

I'd look at you like that, too. Smart son.

Suddenly, I wonder what my wisdom teeth would be worth. *L*

Mike said...

Florinda: We did. I got a few widely different ideas. I'm keeping my ipod. :)

Cookie: Wisdom teeth are worth their weight in booze. :)

I've never had mine out, but the dentist is threatening...