Saturday, November 1, 2008

If you are a geek you've probably already seen this

I saw this today on SF Signal and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Turns out the guy in the video is just lip-synching to a song by moosebutter. I learned that by reading the comments on SF Signal. See, you can learn all kinds of good stuff on the internet. I wish we had this when I was in grade school. We had an Apple II that was gigantic, had giant external floppy drives, and less memory than my bathroom scale.  And we liked it! We played Lemonade Stand for hours!  (By we, I mean my grade school. My family didn't own one.)

Anyway, enjoy the video!


Jenn said...

I could see why you liked it after hearing the first note.

Unfocused Me said...

I'm a geek, and I'd never heard this before. Thanks.

Dreamybee said...

Less memory than your bathroom scale-Haha!

Cool video!

Mike said...

Jenn: Hee.

Unfocused: Glad to know I found something before someone did. :)

Dreamybee: Yeah, it cracked me up. I need to listen to some of the other songs by the real band. They are probably fun too.