Thursday, November 20, 2008

My eyeballs are frozen

I just came back from walking Quincy around the block. Let me tell you, it's cold. And windy. Of course, being Chicago and November, it's not a big surprise, but I've been spoiled. See, we didn't have a dog last winter. Cosmo died in September and he didn't get many walks anyway. He would rather lay in the house where it was warm and his treats could be easily located.

With Quincy being a puppy, a 65 pound puupy at that, we need to make sure he gets excercise. So I bundled up and braved the elements to let him see the sights, and smells, of the neighborhood. Well, not the whole neighborhood, it was too cold for that. I couldn't see most of the way since the face mask I was wearing caused my glasses to fig up, so I was glad we didn't get run over.

You know what's funny? I had a point to this, but I lost it. I'm watching TV at the same time (Futurama) and I lost my train of thought. Let's just sum this up by saying winter is coming and I'm not happy about it. Anyone want to come and walk Quincy until March?


Florinda said...

That is the one unfortunate drawback to dog ownership. Whether rain or sleet or dark of night, they still have to have their walks. Bundle up!

dc said...

It's 75 degrees here, I have no problem walking the dog. :P

Mike said...

Florinda: There is no way I'm going out there when it -20 degrees. I don't think Quincy will want to either. :) I'll just put him on the treadmill.

DC: Sure, rub it in. :). Want to watch an extra dog for the winter? I'm sure the two will get along fine.