Friday, November 21, 2008

Why is that lady so mean to her husband?

Before any of you get worried, this is about a commercial. You like when I talk about commercials, right? Good.

This is a newer product, but it goes along the same lines as others have before it. It's a hearing aid, though they call it a sound amplifier, that looks kind of like an MP3 player. Not unlike the Whisper 2000 of yesteryear that looked like a Walkman. (Do you know what the Whisper 2000 is? I will reference that during a conversation at times and people look at me like I'm loony. That's okay, I'm used to it). This one is called, Listen Up.

First of all, go to the site and watch the commercial that is there. That is what I really want to talk about. I know there are a lot of people with hearing problems that don't want to admit they need a hearing aid and this product may be right for them.

Done? First things first. Why is that lady so mean to her husband? Did you see how she yelled at him to turn the TV down when she was reading? Then she yells at him when she is on the phone. Is that necessary? She's on a cordless phone; go to another room. Jeez, they guy is probably hard of hearing from the job he worked for 40 years so you can have a nice retirement. Cut him some slack. My dad has trouble hearing and nobody yells at him. Heck this guy doesn't need a sound amplifier; he needs to dump his wife.

But wait? It's not only for those hard of hearing. They basically tell you to listen in on other people's conversations. Did you see the lady checking her mail and listening to the younger ladies walking the dog? Is this for the paranoid people on the block so they can hear all the people talking about them?

The best part is at the gym. The guy has this thing on his ears so he can hear the young babes talk about him. "Yeah, the ladies dig me." Who would wear that while working out? I wear headphones so I forget that I am exercising. I don't want my breathing amplified in my ears. Let alone the heavy breathing of everybody else there.

It's also good when you go to the playground with your kids. You can sit, talk with your friends, and totally ignore the kids because you will hear the exact instant that your kid's arm snaps when he falls of the monkey bars. What a miracle! 

Oh yeah, it's good for hunters too. You know, so you can hear Bambi walking around, I guess. I would imagine what you are really going to hear is the twigs and leaves cracking under your feet. Then, when you fire the guy and forget the headphones are on, you are really going to need a hearing aid. Good idea!

Anyway, order now! It's only $14.99, plus shipping and handling that is nearly 50% of the cost of the product. Wait! This thing is small, and lightweight, yet it cost 6 bucks to ship? Do they personnaly drive it to your door? What a rip-off!


dc said...

I'm always telling people over and over again to not buy crap from infomercials. I used to work for the shipping company that sent out this stuff and most of it is crap and not worth more than $1. Some of the stuff works ok, but no where near the miracle ways they show on TV.
I think I'll just have people read your cynical post instead. :)

Mike said...

DC: At first I thought you were going to say you used to work for one of those companies. I was going to ask if you were in any of the commercials. :).

I'm sure most of that stuff is garbage, but I find the commercials to be funny.