Friday, November 7, 2008

It was good while it lasted

I think Fall is officially here now. We've had a few nice days here in Chicago. I think we hit 70 degrees three days in a row. Not bad for the beginning of November. Today is a different story; the thermometer says 40 degrees, it's cloudy, drizzly (yeah, it's a word), and there is a stiff breeze that chills you to the bone. I don't like it. It means winter is coming up; time for the snow blowers to come out and get warmed up. Time to find the gloves and hat that seem to get lost during the summer. Time to stock up on hot chocolate.

Speaking of winter, I heard a Christmas song played over the speakers at Target. It seems too early for that. Maybe I don't want to hear it because it lets me know that cold weather is coming up.Maybe it was because it was a Celine Dion song. What we need is some Thanksgiving songs. Then the stores would have to play that now and not start the Christmas music up until Black Friday. What do you think? We could have songs about shooting a turkey, or about the Pilgrims, or about, um, hmmm...I think I see the problem. There isn't much to work with for Thanksgiving. I think we need something like Santa Claus, but for Thanksgiving. Then we could write songs about the Thanksgiving mascot. Would it be a turkey? No, not a good idea since we are eating turkey. How about a chicken? It could be laughing at the turkey since Thanksgiving is the only meal that a chicken is safe from being eaten. Don't get me started on turducken; that's just wrong. Any ideas on a Thanksgiving mascot, or song? 

Wow, I was kind of rambling there. Sorry.


Cookie said...

Now you know why Thanksgiving doesn't have a mascot. I'm voting for pumpkin pie if you're taking votes, though.

The music needs to wait until at least Black Friday. Unless it can be optional because by mid-December I am sick of the music and more than ready to move on.

Mike said...

Cookie: I like that. We can call him Pumpy the Pie and he'll bring sweet potatoes and cranberries to all the good little boys and girls!

Florinda said...

The music definitely should wait till Black Friday. The Celine Dion songs should wait till the end of time.

It's like we skip straight from Halloween to Christmas. Where's the turkey and the pumpkin pie?

Mike said...

Florinda: I'm with you on Celine. Blech.

The turkey and pie have been devoured quickly so we can scour the ads for Blsck Friday shopping. :)