Saturday, November 29, 2008

The long weekend

How's everybody doing on this long holiday weekend? Did you visit relatives you haven't seen in a year or more? Are you staying with them, or them with you? Are you sick of them yet? Isn't that what this time of year is all about?

On Thursday I worked in the morning, and when to my mom's for dinner. Don't worry, I had it easy. I didn't have to get the kids and myself all cleaned up and ready to go like Jenn did. I think that is harder than getting up early and going to work on a holiday, don't you? Besides, we were giving a free breakfast. We had semi-warm pancakes, runny eggs with cheese, ham, some funky looking sausages, and more pastries than I could possible name. I stuck with the pancakes, ham, and some fruit. I don't do buffet style eggs. Honestly, have you ever had buffet style eggs that were the proper consistency? I know it's hard to do due to the sheer quantity, not to mention that they sit in a pan over a flame to keep them warm. I don't blame the people making them, I blame my low gross-out factor with eggs. I can't even watch the part in Rocky where he drinks the raw eggs without getting queasy.

After work I met up with the family at my mom's house. There was a lot of screaming and one broken glass. The screaming was my daughter running around playing and the broken glass was from me knocking off the counter when I was making the mashed potatoes. That's my job, I'm the potato masher for all family functions. We had a lot of food and way too much dessert. We enough desserts so that each person could have his own cake or pie -- with ice cream on top. I don't know if it is possible to actually feel yourself gaining weight, but I swear I could. After dinner the kids forced everybody to watch Wall-E. I didn't complain, I like that movie. I'm just a kid at heart.

Friday I spent the the day at home with the kids while Jenn went out to fight the crazy shoppers on Black Friday. She left around 4:30 am, came back around lunchtime and then went back out until 3:30 pm or so. Crazy, I know. I helped my son with his homework, fed them, cleaned my self up and played some video games with my son while my daughter cut my hair. Well, no scissors were involved, lately she likes to pretend she is cutting my hair. It's funny, she gets towels to cover me, she'll use some of her little clips to hold some hair in place, and then spray some of her de-tangling spray in my hair as she brushes it. Yesterday she added the twist of me giving her money when she was done. She made me give her real money and promised to give it back. I think she'd hoping eventually I'll forget.

That evening we went to my mom's again. This time my cousin was coming into town. I don't think we've seen him in over five years. We didn't get a whole lot of time to talk, but it was good to see him and his family. Speaking of his family, his son has a Nintendo DS and now my son wants one. So far though, he is content to wait until he is the same age, which isn't for five more years. I have a feeling he may ask again before that.

While I was there my mom ran out of cigarettes, so she asked me to by some for her. I don't mind running errands for my mom, but she smokes the girliest (is that a word) cigarettes out there. She smokes Misty Light 120's. I mean, come on. How do I go in and ask for those and not feel like a big dork? Jenn asked if I'd rather buy tampons than those cigarettes. Of course I would! There is no way the tampons are for me, but the cigarettes are a totally different story. But, I went and got them. I think I did a convincing job of making it seem like they weren't for me. Luckily there are a few different flavors (is that what you call it?) , so when the lady working the counter asked which color box I wanted I was able to ask which one was the plain kind. I think that made it clear they weren't for me. I actually asked my mom to write me letter so I could have just given it to the lady. Just like when she sent me for cigarettes when I was 10 years old.

Tonight we go to my dad's for our holiday party, after I finish work that is. We are hoping our daughter can go; she woke up at 4:30 am coughing and a mild fever. She really wants to go, but I want to make sure she can go back to school on Monday.

So that is our weekend so far. I can't believe it is only Saturday.


Florinda said...

I thought my weekend had been tiring - and then I read your post from yesterday! Hope you're getting a little rest on Sunday.

And I totally agree with you about eggs on buffet tables. I'm not a big eggs fan anyway, but those are usually all wrong.

Mike said...

Florinda: Not quite resting, but we are not going anywhere. Which is good since we have a winter weather advisory out. I am not ready for this at all.

dc said...

I just don't like eggs so buffet eggs are extra gross.

And you really should tell your mother to not smoke. It's not good for her. I'm an ex-smoker, I was able to quit so it's possible. :)

Mike said...

DC: I don't know how old you are, but I'm guessing you haven't smoked for 60 years. :) we've all told her many times. I don't think she ever will.