Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Weekend Assignment #243: Breakfast time

This week's assignment is about breakfast foods. Well actually, we are supposed to talk about what we like for breakfast. That would make more sense, now wouldn't it?

Karen writes:

Weekend Assignment #243: The founder of the Weekend Assignment, John Scalzi, is infamously fond of bacon, not necessarily attached to a cat. Setting aside the whole cat thing, what do you like to eat for breakfast?

To be honest, I'm not much of a breakfast person. Mostly because I am too lazy to get up early enough to eat breakfast. If I am working, I get up with just enough time to shower, shave (maybe), get some lunch together (again, maybe), and head out the door. Any extra time that I think I might have in the morning is spent in bed. I work out calculations in my head as the alarm goes off to see how many times I can hit snooze before I definitely have to get up. I swear this is why every alarm has a different snooze time. They are trying to force you to wake up in order to count by mulitples of seven, eight, or nine. (end tangent)
Even ask a kid I didn't have time for breakfast in the morning. I started off okay; when I was in grade school I remember eating cereal along with some orange Hi-C. By the time I got to high school breakfast consisted of two chocolate fudge Pop-Tarts. Totally nutritious!
I'm not saying I don't like breakfast food, but I am far from a huge fan. I'll make pancakes on my days off sometimes. I'm talking about the kind where you add water, mix, and throw it on the griddle. It's too hard working with the kind where you need eggs. Come on! Speaking of eggs, I will eat a fried egg on occasion. But for main breakfast foods, that is about it. I do really like hash browns and, yes, bacon. I could have a breakfast of just hash browns and bacon everyday. If I had someone to make it for me. Would you send me cards in the hospital after I have my quintuple by-pass surgery? Because it certainly wouldn't be long before my heart stopped after eating that everyday.
Speaking of breakfast (not like this whole post isn't about it, or anything), I have to work tomorrow (Thanksgiving) and they are giving us breakfast. I'm not sure how they are going to do this. As you all know, breakfast food does not travel well. How good are pancakes going to be after cooling off? My stomach hurts just thinking about it. I might just have muffins to keep me satisfied until I can get my hands on some turkey. 
 Extra Credit: How often do you actually eat breakfast.
Not very often. I know; it's the most important meal of the day. Blah, blah, blah. I'm just too darn tired.
What do you like to eat for breakfast? Or do you even eat it?


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Heh. I am totally with you on gaming the snooze button to grab the last second of sleep. Much more important than cooking breakfast!

Florinda said...

Add a couple of scrambled eggs to those hash browns and bacon, and that's my husband's favorite breakfast. Good thing he doesn't eat it too often - like you said, heart attack on a plate.

I bet you'd like breakfast better if you tried that cinnamon-roll French toast :-).

Sorry you have to work on Thanksgiving, but I hope breakfast turns out to be more than just donuts. Just don't get home late for dinner :-). Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family - save some turkey skin for Quincy!

Mike said...

Karen: I thought you didn't sleep. :) Yes, sleep is much more important.

Florinda: I don't know, that cinnamon-roll French toast kind of scares me. I'm afraid I'll immediately become diabetic. :)
Have a great Thsnksgiving!