Friday, November 14, 2008

Rant of the day (Screw you Best Buy!)

Remember how I said I bought a new camera a short time ago? Well, as I expected, it went on sale for 30 dollars less than I paid for it. So today I went, with my receipt in hand, to Best Buy to get my credit back since it was less than 30 days since I bought it. I went into the store, walked over to the camera department to make sure it was still in sale, then went to customer service to get a credit. As the girl took my receipt, she looked at the person next to her and said something I couldn't hear. Then she said to me, "For digital cameras it is 14 days." What? I mentioned how the person who sold it to me said 30 days, but she just reiterated that it was 14 days. I was a tad pissed. Especially since it was 17 days. But really, isn't it stupid? Why only 14 days for cameras? I didn't yell at the girl since she doesn't make the rules, but I'm ticked off. Best Buy is officially on my list. Jerks.

Sorry to vent here. I had to do it somewhere. Besides, what good is a blog if you can't complain about stuff.


dc said...

I heard that Best Buy has a horrible return policy and there's a lot of loopholes in their stuff. I try to avoid buying from them unless it's like a DVD or something. :)

Mike said...

DC: Actually, I had problems with a DVD once too. I forgot about that. Thanks for bringing up bad memories. :)

Carly said...

Alan is right there with you in the "I HATE BEST BUY" club! LOL. There really needs to be a support group. I find the sales people to not only be less then friendly, but rude as well. I guess they feel they can be since their competition, Circut City, is very nearly gone. Sigh.

Carly said...


You know how you will be thinking something as you are typing, but somehow the words you were thinking end up being other words? As if someone else where typing them?

"I find the sales people to not only be less then friendly, but rude as well."


What I meant was...

"I find the sales people to not only be less then friendly, but not at all helpful as well."

There, I typed very slowly that time. LOL

By the way, now that you have a new camera, think you might join us for a Monday Photo Shoot? Hmmm?

;) Have a great week.


Unfocused Me said...

Feh. The only bad thing about big box electronics stores going under, as they inevitably will, is that they can stay empty for years, a blight on the suburban landscape.

That and the people who lose their jobs. That's bad, too.

Seriously, the service at those stores is so uniformly awful I just won't shop at them anymore. Our last few cameras and computers were all bought online.

Mike said...

Carly: I'm glad you are on my side. :)

I know what you mean about the typing thing. If someone calls me at work when I'm in the middle of a sentance I make them wait until i'm done. I can't listen and type at the same time.

I've been thinking about the photo shoots. I just want to make sure I can get them done all the time.

Unfocused: You are right about the blight. I actually worked for Circuit City a long time ago. I'm sorry to see then having problems, but I understand it. The thing I like about them is the quantity of things they have. I could spend hours looking at gadgets. The service generally isn't that good. You're right about that too.

Florinda said...

They call themselves "Best BUY." After you buy, they make no claims to be good at anything.

But seriously, that is quite obnoxious and pretty much sucks. And what's a blog for, if not to rant about stuff like this?

Mike said...

Florinda: True, maybe I need to shop at 'Best Returns'. :) Oh wait, that's Costco. Are they out west?