Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Ten things I want for Christmas

I haven't done a Ten on Tuesday in a while but this one is all about things I want; how can I pass it up? By the way, this is a list of wants, not things I actually expect to get.

1. A laptop. I've said this many times here. I'm really liking the new MacBooks.

2. A back-up hard drive. The 80GB hard drive on our desktop that I thought we'd never fill is close to capacity. Plus, I want to back up pictures and music.

3. An iPhone. I going to need a new cell phone soon anyway.

4. The two most recent Futurama movies on DVD. I have the first one and I need to catch up.

5. A Gorillapod tripod for our camera. Sometimes I need some stability. I like to try to shoot cool shots of the moon. It's very hard to do when you are shaking because it is 27 degrees outside.

6.  A government bailout. What? Why can't I get one?

7. A new TV for our bedroom. What good is a TV in the bedroom if the remote won't shut it off anymore?

8. New siding for the house. Can Santa fit that down the chimney?

9. While he's at it, we could use a few new windows, too.

10. Oh,  and a new back door.

There is my ridiculous list. Want do you want?


dc said...

I want a Wii, a flat screen HD TV, a digital camera and all my bills paid off. Somehow I think Sanat won't come through for me. lol

dc said...

I meant to type Santa...duh.

Mike said...

DC: I thought you trying to say "Sanatra". :)

All those are good choices. I think you have to wait in line now if you want a Wii. Those things are impossible to get!

Florinda said...

I blew off this week's Ten on Tuesday - I'm having trouble thinking of things I want this year. But you have to promise me you'll go and read Tall Paul's ToT post - it MORE than makes up for my slacking!

Speaking of iPhones, the fact that our cell-phone provider has almost no service around our new house - but AT&T does! - is giving my husband an excuse to seriously consider getting one himself.

Go for the MacBook. You won't regret it.

If you get all that stuff for your house, hopefully you'll get someone to install it too! And good luck with that government-bailout thing.

Cheryl said...

I WANT #6 ALSO!! Did you ever get the chain email about how it'd be cheaper and better to give each legal citizen a half mil? They claim it would end the housing crisis and stimulate the economy :)

Mike said...

Florinda: I'll check his out.

I've been slacking on these for a while but I couldn't pass this one up. :) I'm sure I wouldn't regret the MacBook; except for the cost. I need to find a way to justify it. :)

I figured the installation would be part of the deal. Maybe I should have made that clear. :)

Cheryl: No, I didn't see that. We can't be expected to use the money wisely. The smart guys in the financial sector know what to do with it better than us regular people. Oh, wait. :)