Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Checking out the snow

I don't have much time. I have to shower and go pick up the kids, the go to my mom's and then -- let's just say I have a lot to do. But, I got a good shot of Quincy hanging out in the snow.

Actually, he is sitting on the kids old picnic table. I guess he gets a better view. Sorry for the fuzziness; there is a screen on the window where I took this. I didn't want to go outside since he would probably move and ruin the picture.

Gotta go!


dc said...

Cute pic! We still have the death storms going on here. My dog is a west coast wussy too. She runs outside quickly to go to the bathroom, but needs to be warm and snuggly inside with her blankets because she gets cold. :)

Mike said...

DC: I like that term; West Cost Wussy rolls off the tongue. :) Quincy was born in January so he remembers the cold. I guess. :) He does like to run in the snow, but that might be because he's a puppy.

VeRonda said...

Great photo!!

I have a Shih Tzu and he always does the cutest things for photo ops... I think they know.

Mike said...

VeRonda: Thanks! I think they do sometimes. Though, our dog does like to move right when the shutter snaps! :)

Florinda said...

Wow, Quincy's almost a year old?! I think you need to give us a full-fledged update and more pictures of him soon.

We've been getting cold rain here - not nearly as photogenic, and my dog hates it.

Mike said...

Florinda: I'll probably do something on, or near, his birthday.

For rain to be photogenic you need lightning. At least I like that. :)