Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Weekend Assignment # 248: What'dja get?

Thanks to Karen I now know how to spell "what'jda". I use the word all the time; now I know the proper spelling. See, who says you can't learn anything by reading blogs?

Anyway, for this week's assignment Karen wants to know what we got for Christmas. That's probably obvious by the title, no?

Specifically Karen asks:

Weekend Assignment #248: What was the most interesting or unexpected gift you received this holiday season?

Well, one that kind of covers both was a game that Jenn gave me. Actually it's three games for the price of one! What a bargain! Yes, I'm doing that on purpose. Why? Well, just look here at the set of games; it kind of makes you talk like that. I'll wait. Jenn got it for me because I would watch the Match Game whenever it came on. I can't help myself. She likes to make fun of me for being stuck in the 70's because I like to watch Columbo, Quincy, M*A*S*H, etc. What can I say? I like good TV shows that just happen to be about 30 years old. Is there anything wrong with that?

I also got the 20th Anniversary DVD set of MST3K. I'm really looking forward to watching that. It's too bad that I got that as my vacation is coming to a close. I'm sure I'll make time to watch it soon. Maybe this weekend.

Jenn also gave me a Flip video camera. I've been playing around with it a little these last few days, but haven't actually downloaded anything off of the camera yet. I recorded the kids playing a video game today. It was pretty fun to watch.

That is about all of the interesting things I got. I got a few gift cards that I already used. I bought a backup hard drive, like Karen did, as well as the new Stephen King book and an older Allen Steele book. Again, I wish I bought them before my vacation was ending. Then again, I was so busy I probably wouldn't have had much reading time anyway.

Extra Credit: What was the most interesting gift you gave this holiday season?

Jenn found this one, too. My mom smokes. A lot. So, when she comes here or my brother's house she has to go outside all the time. So what makes a perfect gift? Why the smoking mittens. With a convenient hole to put a cigarette through while keeping your hands warm. Hopefully she will use them.

That's about it for me. What about you?


Karen Funk Blocher said...

The Match Game and smoking mittens. I'm darn near speechless!

If you like what'dja, what do you think of j'eat? As in, "Did you eat?" That's one of John's.

dc said...

For the millionth time my fave...My Wii! lol

There's no gift that I gave that I'm extra proud of only because money was tight for me this year. Maybe next year. :(

Florinda said...

I was a big Match Game watcher when I was a kid too. Have fun playing!

Envious that you got the 20th anniversary DVDs of MST3K - I tried to order those for Tall Paul, but they were out of stock :-(.

Smoking mittens?! Thank goodness I'll never need those...

Hope you've been enjoying your vacation time. Happy New Year!

Mike said...

Karen: I like that one, too. Whenever I need to know how to spell something like that, I'm coming to you.

DC: Do you have Wii-itis yet? No torn achilles or strained elbow? :)

Florinda: It was a fun show! They were out of the MST3K set? That stinks. I'm excited about the extras on the history of the show and the panel at Comi-con.