Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I will be in bed before the year ends so I'm writing this now. I have to work in the morning and I'm too old to stay up that late then go to work. I would have one thing going for me; I get one extra second to sleep. If you want to know why, read Phil Plait's explanation. It's very detailed, and very interesting. Well, to me anyway.

What do I hope for next year? I hope that gas stays cheap but, at the same time, the world economy turns around. Mostly I hope our economy does, but we need to whole world to stabilize for everything to kick into gear. Also, I hope that I win the lottery. Hey, I get to ask something for myself. It's my blog after all.

Happy New Year!


Cookie said...

Happy New Year, Mike!

Enjoy that extra second.

Florinda said...

I hope you win the lottery too, but only because you're not trying to win it in the same state where my husband is :-)!

Happy 2009 to you and your family!

Mike said...

Cookie: Thanks? I did enjoy it. Actually I left for work one second later. :)

Florinda: Good luck to you guys too! I hope we both win.

Happy new year!

dc said...

Happy New Year! I brought the year in with a bang. Which is why I'm soooooo tired today!

VeRonda said...

Right, right!... It is your blog. Are you planning to be an anonymous winner, if you win the lottery?

Mike said...

DC: A perfect day to lay around and relax! Do you have to work on Friday?

VeRonda: I don't think I'd mention it here. I don't know though; it's a good question.