Saturday, December 13, 2008

EMPS #15: Pizza Toppings?

Well, here I am on only my third photo shoot and I kind of messed up. Carly set the assignment up as pizza toppings with pictures of pizza as extra credit. So, what did I do? I did the extra credit without doing the main assignment. Do I get credt for that at all? Oh well, here's what I have:
We have a nice Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizza. Doesn't that picture make it look absolutely scrumptions? All I rellly like om my pizza is cheese or pepperoni. I'm a pretty basic guy with basic tastes.
Look at the texture of the cheese and pepporoni. Acutally, that pepperoni looks a little pale. It didn't taste bad.

And here we have the final product. It's no Lou Malnati's, but it also has about 1/10th of the calories.

What do you want on your Tombstone? (I haven't had a Tombstone frozen pizza in ages).

I don't know what the deal is with the format. I've tried to fix the spacing on the pictures and text 12 times. It just won't work. Sorry for the mess.


Carly said...

Hiya Mike :)

Oh stop it! You did just fine. The assignment is more about getting to know one another then anything else, and you gave us some insight into how you like your pizza, even what brand. Like I said, you did fine. :) By the way, I love pizza for breakfast. We got a skinny crust pepperoni from Round Table the other night for dinner, and it was mighty tasty the next morning. :) Check into it, not as many calories as you might think. :) Thanks for playing this week. :)

Always, Carly

dc said...

I'm not a huge pizza fan but if I do have it I also like it simple. Just cheese works for me.

Mike said...

Carly: Thanks. Yeah, cold pizza in the morning is great. Doesn't do much good for indigestion though. :)

DC: Cheese is usually my pizza if choice. You don't like pizza? What do you eat? :)

Have you recovered from your birthday weekend?

dc said...

I eat all kinds of food. Lots of it unhealthy I actually just went out to get lunch. Right now I'm eating a gyro and potatoes from this greek cafe by my place. I love greek food!

And I'm still just recovering from the weekend! Whew! :)

Tammy said...

Lean Cuisine has pizza? Cool!

Mike said...

DC: Gyros? Yuck! :)

Glad you survived your weekend. You have ten more years until your next big one.

Tammy: It's about as good as you'd expect. Nothing more. :) It makes me feel better eating that versus a regular pizza.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I think I'll have to try the Lean Cuisine pizza now. It looks pretty good!

Mike said...

Karen: It's not bad but it's also not my first choice. Then again, when is frozen pizza a first choice?