Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #14: Autumn Sunsets

I wasn't sure if I would have a picture to post this week since it has been mostly cloudy and snowy here in the Chicago area. It seems Winter wanted to get an early start around here; I know I could have waited. I am not a fan of cold, or snow for that matter. I used to like it as a kid but I don't build snow forts anymore. Maybe that is something the kids and I should do this winter. If we get packing snow that is, so far it has been the drier snow that you can't build with. Anyway, on to the pictures.

These I took through our window upstairs that faces west. It was too cold to stand outside and, even if I did, the houses across the street would have been in the way. See:

It's not the best shot with the tree in the way, but when I zoomed into the tree and took another shot, I thought it took on an interesting view.

That is about the best shot I could get this week. Every other days has been too cloudy, or I wasn't home for an actual sunset. I do have a shot from Halloween that I took from outside. It's a little better. There are still some things in the way, but I think it turned out okay. 
At least you can see most of the sun clearly in the shot above. There are my photos for the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot this week. Check out Carly's site for all the other great shots!



Carly said...

Hiya Mike :)

Wicked beautiful autumn sun. :) Makes me smile. Snow. Oh how I would love to spend some time in the snow. I might have to post a snow challenge sometime this winter. It's rare to get any snow in the Bay Area, oh how I would love just one Christmas in the snow. :) I will trade ya climates! ;) Thanks for playing nice man.


Suzanne R said...

Very interesting shots, especially with the foliage silhouetted through the sunlight. Nice work!

Terri said...

Those are wonderful. We just have to work with what we're given, eh? You managed to do that admirably!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Very nice sunset captures Mike! It is getting colder isn't it! :)

Jama said...

What a nice view!
I'm from a tropical island, there's no chance of ever getting snow, so really envy you.

Liz said...

You have the ability to avoid lens flare that I would love to have. I think all the photos are very good but I like the last one showing the walkway at right angles to the setting sun best. This picture invites me to walk with the setting sun at my side.

dc said...

Great pics. I'd take some, but it's so hard to see anything through all this L.A. smog. :P

Mike said...

Carly: Sure, we can trade. Call up Hear Miser and his brother and we can switch. :)

Suzanne: Thanks! I was more of a lack of choice than doing it on purpose. :)

Terri: thanks, we've had dome better sunrises lately, but I've been at work and couldn't shoot them.

Far side: Yes, yes it is. I'm not happy.

Jama, I envy you too. I'm sure we'd both like to trade for a short time.

Liz: Any credit goes to the camera. It has a sunset setting; I belive that helps.

DC: Thanks. You had cool shots of the smoke. The smog could probably look cool too.

Martha said...

Very pretty autumn sunsets Mike :-)

Mike said...

Martha: Thanks. I realize now that I put one wrong shot up. I have one that is a little more clear on the close-up of the tree. Oh well.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Ireally like what you did here, Mike, with the full shot and then the close-up. Funny how the same picture can look very different when you crop it!