Friday, December 5, 2008

What I've learned so far this week

  • My belt squeaks when I walk. I would notice the noise occasionally before, but I didn't realize it was my belt. At least it's not loud enough for other people to hear. That would be weird. Like I was some kind of tin man that needs oil, or something.
  • My right shoe has a crack in the bottom that goes all the way through the shoe. I found that out two days ago while walking in the slush. Fun!
  • I don't like winter anymore. I was pretty sure of this before, now I am positive. I don't do any winter sports, I don't like shoveling, so what is there to like about winter?
  • One of my sweaters is messed up. I don't know if it was always like this, but let me try to explain. It's not straight is the best way I can put it I guess. See, the lines in the fabric kind of gradually twist to the left from top to bottom and the seam under my armpits does the same thing. I don't know if anybody else noticed, but I did. It reminds me of the clothes my mom used to buy me that would say "IRREGULAR" on the tag and she would try to convince me that it was nothing anyone would notice. Then, I would spend the whole day at school trying to find the problem with the pants, or shirt, or whatever it was. No, I don't think about that stuff at all anymore.
  • Someone is getting ripped off. When I was in college my mom gave me these hangers for my tiny closet in my dorm room. You would slide five hangers into the slot and then you would drop one drop one side down and the clothes would fit in a smaller spot. Well, they are back. I don't think this is the same company, but I could be wrong. I hope the person who designed the original is getting a cut of the action. I'll tell you what; I could have used that LED light they are giving away with them in my dorm closet.
  • This may not be some much something I learned, but rather something that I wonder about. I've seen this commercial a few times for a small powered snow shovel called Snow Joe. Now, those of you in warmer climates probably have never seen the commercial so I will explain part of my question here. If you noticed on the website I linked to, they use computer animation on the commercial. They show a guy out there clearing the snow, a boy throwing a snowball, and his wife (I assume) meeting him at the door in some lingerie (yes, I'm serious). Anyway, I'm wondering why they don't show the thing actually being used? Why use computer animation unless the thing doesn't really work? Am I the only one that thinks this way?

That's all I have for now. Hope you are all having a good Friday!


dc said...

You're a strange I like winter, but that's because our winters give us 70-75 degree weather. So, of course, I haven't seen that commercial. But from the website it seems they should show an actual person using it. Strange.

I think my knee squeaks when I walk. :)

Mike said...

DC: No snow, and warm weather, would help. :) I know trees still lose leaves out there, but does the grass turn brown during the winter too? That's still kind of depressing.

If you stop falling on your knee it probably won't squeak anymore. :)

Florinda said...

I really hate finding out my shoes leak - although since rain is pretty rare here, I may never know. They do squeak pretty regularly, though. I think it's because I buy cheap ones.

You sound like you need a winter vacation some place warm...and maybe I shouldn't mention this, but calendar-wise, it actually isn't winter yet. Uh-oh...

Mike said...

Florinda: I have a pair of running shoes that squeak. I don't wear them much anymore; especially at work.

Actually, in meteorolog we use Dec 1st as the beginning of winter, and based on what is going on here it sure seems that way. It was 6 degrees this morning! 6 degrees! I think I'm going to retire somewhere warm. :)

Cookie said...

Let the sweater air dry. That way, you can lay it flat and pull it into the right shape. Once it's dry, it should stay in the shape it dried in. Of course, that depends on what it's made of.

You knew I had answer for the sweater, right? ;^)

Dreamybee said...

I have a dress that is crooked like your sweater, and I didn't think it was that noticeable either, but my husband keeps grabbing it and trying to twist it around so that it's straight, usually while we're walking around in public, so I think someone is trying to grab me and mug me, but it's just my husband trying to straighten out my dress. So I guess it's more noticeable than I thought! It has a zipper though, so that probably makes it more noticeable than your sweater.

Yeah, if they have to animate an object working, it probably doesn't work.

Mike said...

Cookie: I do let it air dry. I think it may be put together wrong, I don't know. Yes, I did think you would have a good answer. :)

Dreamybee: A zipper would definitely make it more visible. Tell your husband to leave you clothes alone in public. :)

Glad someone agrees with me about the shovel. :)