Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conversation hearts

What are your thoughts on them?

I like them. Sure, they are chalky, weird-tasting little things, but I could eat them all day. I usually eat all of the kid's candy hearts since they don't like them. More for daddy!

I think they are a fat-free food, too. See, they are healthy candies! Just like dark chocolate. And oranges. (Yes, I am a little delusional. Don't tell anyone).


Anonymous said...

I used to dislike them, but now Valentine's Day would be incomplete without them. I just opened some this said "AWESOME." How can that be bad?

dc said...

I never liked them. Too chalky for me.

Mike said...

greeneyedsiren: I like how they have kept up with the times. Now you get some that say "text me."

DC: Yeah, there are, but I like them any way. I can't help myself. :)