Monday, February 16, 2009

What happens when the snow melts and the dog comes in?


I wasn't paying attention when I let Quincy in, but I did hear Jenn cry out as he walked up to her. Oops. The good news is tile is easy to clean. The bad news is carpet is a little harder to clean.

I need to make some kind of foot bath for him to walk through as he walks into the house. Or, just never let him in the house until summer.


Anonymous said...

You should see Stately Unfocused Manor when the snow melts and the kids come in!

Mike said...

Green eyed siren: Because of the dog, we keep the kids out of the backyard until it is cleaned up, if you know what I mean. The door opens up to the laundry room, and they are pretty good about taking their shoes off. Most of the time.

Florinda said...

We used to keep towels by the back door specifically for wet, muddy paws, but sometimes the dogs would bolt inside before they could be wiped off. It's not as big a problem since I moved to Southern California, though (I swear it really doesn't rain that much here!).