Thursday, February 19, 2009

Google must think I am an idiot

Every single time I try to search something in Google I spell one, or all, of the words wrong. At this point they should start every search request off with, "Did you mean blank?" (Obviously the word 'blank' would be filled in with something properly spelled. But you know that already). I'm usually not a terrible speller, just when I type in that tiny window in the upper corner of Firefox. Why is that? Maybe I have trouble typing things in the periphery of my vision? Who knows.

Well, as you might be able to tell by the above paragraph, I am on the midnight shift again this week. My focus tends to be a little off on this shift. I tend to ramble a bit more, usually in a nonsensical manner. Really though, is there any other way to ramble? Back in college one of my friend's dubbed me the midnight idiot. Almost every night while watching Letterman my brain would just switch into dumb-ass mode and I would stop making sense. Or, I would just laugh at everything. Actually, I'm still kind of the same way now, which is why I was sitting here a while ago cracking up at MST3K. I had to turn off my iPod so people wouldn't think I was a nut. They probably think that anyway.

What's my point with this post? I don't know. Let me know if you found one. I'm too tired.

What time does your brain shut off? It's okay to admit it. We are all friends here.


Florinda said...

Back on the midnight shift so soon? You're going to need another vacation :-).

I start laughing at just about anything when I'm tired too - that's usually how my husband can tell I'm done for the day. But I think my brain shuts off a lot earlier - probably around 3:30 PM, not long before I leave the office.

Mike said...

Florinda: I guess this is my punishment for taking vacation. :)

You brain shuts off at 3:30 because you get up too early. You need to sleep later. :)

Unfocused Me said...

I experience it differently. When I go for long periods with insufficient sleep, I start confusing homonyms when I type. The obvious ones, of course: its, it's, they're, there, their. Some that you wouldn't ordinarily think of, too, like our and hour. I usually catch them as I type, but since these are the kinds of errors I never make unless I'm exhausted, it's a pretty good signal that I've passed my limit.

Another big tip is when I wake up suddenly and realize I've typed an entire page of the letter i.

Mike said...

Unfocused: I always type the letter z.

Have you ever been writing and falling asleep and writing what you are starting to dream? Yes, I have. Only about a word or two usually, but it's weird.

Anonymous said...

Gaahhh!!! Blogger just ate my comment! You'll have to take my word for it that it was brilliant. Something about my brain being asleep 16 hours out of the day like a cat's sleep patterns, only the rest of me is still awake and trying to function. I don't know...I typed it in one of my short windows of lucidity, but now it's closed. Stupid Blogger!

Mike said...

GES: I believe you! I'm sure it was great. Best coMment ever!