Friday, February 27, 2009


Yesterday Jenn called me around 2:45pm, while I was at work, and said school had called and she had to pick up our daughter. She didn't eat lunch and she said she wasn't feeling good. Never a good thing, right? Well, Jenn started to get suspicious after she got to school. Daughter seemed a little too happy to see mommy. She didn't want to be picked-up and carried as she normally does when she is sick. But, at this point, we were both willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

It didn't stay that way for real long, however. Jenn was trying to get things done for work but our daughter was too busy running around and playing. She didn't mention anything about being sick again until the topic ofschool was brought up. Jenn sent me a text message at one point that asked how a less-than-five-year-old can be such a conniver. So, either something happened at school, or she just doesn't feel like being there.

This morning she was fine until I was trying to walk out of the classroom. Not a good feeling for me, but I was getting a little irritated because I know she is playing me. Hopefully this will pass in a day or two. Being the weekend, I'm sure she will be okay by tomorrow no matter what. We are confused as to what to do about this. Do we make some kind of deal with her? Do we tell her she can't go to ice skating if she doesn't cooperate. To be honest, I don't know if either will work. Heck, she was ready to go to the doctor yesterday to get a shot for some phantom illness because it would only hurt for a minute and then she'd be able to stay home. This girls is either going to be an actor or a con artist.

The funny thing about this is I remember doing something like this back in kindergarten. We had a major test on skipping. Yes, skipping, as in skipping down the street like Dorothy, or something. It was a motor skills thing, and I had been practicing in the the basement all weekend. Then, when the time came to perform with the class, I couldn't do it. I was too klutzy. I think I might have fallen down, I'm not positive. So, when my mom came by to check on me in the gym (she used to volunteer there) I started crying. She asked if I was okay, if my stomach still hurt like it did when I went to school. I lied and said yes, just so I could go home. On the ride home, as I lay on the bench seat (who needs booster seats, or seat belts?), my mom informed me that I was not going to be able to play with my friend if my stomach hurt. She knew I was faking it. I don't remember anything after that, but I do know how to skip now. I think. It's been a while.

So, yes, my daughter has picked up another skill of mine. Great. We are in so much trouble as she gets older.

Have a hop-skipping weekend.


dc said...

I can't blame her. After all how many times do we as adults practice our sick voices when we call into work? lol. Sometimes we all just need a day off.miteepin

Mike said...

DC: I do no such thing! :) Calling while laying down works well, at least for me. Makes me sound stuffed up. Not that I ever do that.

Dreamybee said...

If it continues, I would start grilling her to find out if something happened at school. My little sister went through a phase where she would throw up every morning before school. Turns out some of her friends had turned on her and were being mean, and the thought of going to school every day made her sick to her stomach. Literally.

Mike said...

dreamybee: Thanks for the tip. Sounds like it was rough for your sister. Turns out it was due to having to sing in choir and being picked up late since I had to work late. We think we have it under control now...I hope.