Friday, February 13, 2009

I ain't Supersitious

Hey, it's Friday the 13th! Lock your doors! Don't go out of the house. Don't even get out of bed. I recommend making a cocoon out of your blankets and staying there all day long. Okay!

A long, long time ago people used to be afraid of this date because of some dude in a hockey mask. It seemed he like to kill somewhat promiscuous young adults. If people would have thought about it back then, they would have realized they were safe if they were over 30 years old,or under 15, and not having sex. Wow! What a reason for abstinence, huh?

I'm not the superstitious type myself. I don't go out busting mirrors to tempt fate, or anything, I just don't concern myself with that stuff. I've walked under countless ladders and I'm fine. Except for that tiny dent in my head from the hammer that fell off of it, but that was due to negligence, not some otherworldly hand. What am I talking about? I really don't know. I started this post out intending to just ask people if they were superstitious and it got out of control. I can't stop!

The funny part about all of this is I was telling my son all day the other day to not open his umbrella in the school building. He asked me why and I almost said it was bad luck. No it's not! You don't open up an umbrella in the house, or other building, because you will probably poke someone's eye out. So, that's what I told him, though maybe in slightly different words.

Speaking of superstition, remember that Brady Bunch episode where they find the tiki and Greg almost drowns because of the power of the tiki? That was a great episode!

So, are there any superstitions you follow? Are you going to go see the new Friday the 13th movie?


Florinda said...

Short answers (from me - seriously!): no, and no.

We will be down in the San Diego area at my mother-in-law's this weekend, and it's supposed to rain. Sound familiar :-)?

Mike said...

Florinda: Hmmm. Vaguely familiar. It seems so long ago. :)

Have fun! I hope you get one sunny day.

dc said...

I completely forgot it was Friday the 13th. So far my day has actually been okay. But, it's not over yet. :P

Mike said...

DC: I hope I didn't ruin it for you. Don't stop to help anyone in a hockey mask! :)