Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleeping on the couch

No, I'm not in trouble with Jenn. I would have titled that, "In the Doghouse," or, more likely, I wouldn't talk about it at all. I've been sleeping on the couch because I have the annoying cold that is circulating around the Internet. No, I'm serious. Half the people I follow on Blogger, Word Press, Twitter, or Facebook are sick. Maybe it's some kind of new biological weapon that's being sent out by some nefarious government. No? Okay, either way, I've felt lousy for a while and now I'm at the point where, when I lay down, I start coughing. It is very irritating. This is the part of a cold that I hate the most. I'm exhausted, I go to bed early to get some rest, and then I start coughing 20 minutes later. Usually just after I fall asleep. So, I've been going downstairs to sleep on the couch where I can sleep in an upright position. It seems to help a bit. As an added bonus for Jenn, I'm not coughing in her ear. No matter what people might say, that is not romantic at all.

What I'm trying to say, is that I have a good reason why I've been slacking a little bit here. I'm planning to go back to daily blogging. I know you are all excited about that.

Anyone watch the Oscars? For those of you following me on Twitter, I'm sorry. I was bored and I couldn't stop typing stuff. I hope I didn't fill your feed up with too much garbage. Jenn said I was being a little mean at times, but it was all meant in fun. Sarcasm is hard on Twitter. I will say that it was a change of pace for the Oscars. Maybe not necessarily a nice change, but it was a little different. They could have cut out the second musical number, and maybe have only two people present awards to the actors. Since they had five people it made it seem like those awards were so much more important than the others. Don't you think?

I took this picture of my daughter's bed today. The cleaning lady was just here and made it up nice and set all her animals up.

It's a good thing she is small. Look, Clifford is even trying to get out and get some space.


Cookie said...

Daily blogging? Yay!

I'm sorry you sick, Mike. Please keep your germs to yourself. I really don't need whatever internet cold is going around right now.

I watched the opening number of the Oscars. Then went back to watching NCIS reruns. Exciting, no?

Florinda said...

Sorry I missed your Tweets. The Oscars are the only awards show that isn't tape-delayed for the West Coast, but we didn't watch much of it, mostly because we hadn't seen many of the movies this year. Apparently our taste in movies is not award-worthy. I enjoyed Hugh Jackman, though :-).

Get some rest. If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything.

TJ said...

Precious...those days are the best!
I see alot of our "bestfriends" get around. Good solid friends for the little ones...

dc said...

I've avoided getting sick but, it's really going around so I may get sick soon. Hope you feel better!

Mike said...

Cookie: I'll try to keep my germs to myself.

You, Watching NCIS? I don't believe it. :)

Florinda: I didn't realize other awards shows were tape-delayed. That stinks.

So, are you saying I have nothing because I'm sick? :)

TJ: Yes, it's fun to watch.

DC: Thanks! I hope you don't get sick either.

Are you going to blog again? I keep checking.

Green-Eyed Siren said...

The crazy thing about the stuffed animals is that even when the kids get larger they still need just as many, if not more. I don't know how my daughter (almost 8, birthday is this weekend!) is able to stay in her bed at night--she only allows herself a tiny sliver of it to sleep on, while the rest is for the menagerie.

Mike said...

GES (can I call you GES? :): Based on what I see so far, I expect you will be right. She's been planning on what else she can get for her birthday in April.