Monday, February 2, 2009

Somebody pass the Pepto-Bismol

Here I am on the midnight shift again. It's Super Sunday, also know as eat-all-you-can-because-nobody-will-judge-you day. It's one of the special occasions we have at work where everyone brings in some food. I wish I could take a picture of everything for you, so I will paint a mental picture instead. Imagine going to the store and buying every bit of unhealthy food you can get your hands on. Now, take all that food and eat it in one sitting. My stomach is upset on every midnight shift on a normal day; this kind of stuff just puts me over the edge. Does that mean I'm going to have weird dreams? My parents used to tell me eating a lot of junk food, specifically ice cream, before bed gives you bad dreams. I have a feeling they may have lied to me. I will probably dream of the scene in Alien where the little alien bursts out of the guys stomach, though.

The midnight shift is the reason I've been a little quiet the last couple of days. It's hard to find time to write about things when I sleep all day. Besides, I can't think of anything fun to talk about usually. I didn't do much of the weekend except watch the kids ice skate and play basketball.

Oh, my dad had knee surgery. Did I mention that? He had both knees replace this past Wednesday. He's doing okay now, but the first couple of days were rough. I was a little worried at first, but I talked to him today and he sounds much better. I'm sure in a couple of months he's going to be very happy that he had this done. He spent much of his life kneeling down while working on sheet metal and this was back in the days before a real man would wear knee pads. Not that they had any available anyway. So his knees were pretty trashed. He always got around fine, but the last couple of years they were starting to bother him a lot. He could have done it years ago, and probably should have, but he is not a fan of doctors, so he waited as long as he could. Not that I blame him. I feel the same way about laser eye surgery. I want to do it, but I'm scared. I know a ton of people that have had it done, but what if I am that one guy.

The good news about this week of midnights is when they are over we leave for San Diego. Well, La Jolla, you know what I mean. Let's hope we don't have any flight hiccups. Or fog at San Diego. Or something that is going screw up our trip. I'm looking forward to spending some time outside where I don't have to wear a jacket. At least not a winter jacket.

Okay, I'm really rambling. Do you see why I don't write much on the midnight shift? How was your weekend? Did you watch the Super Bowl? Did your team win? By your team, I mean the team that won you the pool at work.


Unfocused Me said...

A tip for your trip: print out google maps directions from the airport to your hotel before you go, in case your cab driver doesn't know how to get there. I've had a few bad experiences with San Diego cabbies.

Cookie said...

That is exactly the kind of food day yesterday was! I had cold pizza for breakfast this morning and I'm really hoping to get back on track eating-wise now.

I hope your dad heals up quickly.

Good weekend here. My team won. What a shame I don't bet. *L* Oh, and it's spring here in California. Yes, already. Yes, I hate me, too.

Mike said...

Unfocused: Thanks for the tip! I'll make sure to do that. It's too far to walk.

Cookie; Cold pizza for breakfast is great! I'm pretty sure that is what the Olympic athletes eat. :)

dc said...

My team didn't win. I was rooting for Kurt Warner and the Cards. Oh, well.

Florinda said...

So, was all the food there to make you feel like you got to go to a Super Bowl party even though you had to work?

We recorded the game just so I could watch Bruce Springsteen at halftime. Go Steelers! I SO don't care about football.

Looks like San Diego may get a little rain this weekend. At least it won't be snow! We'll actually be down that way NEXT weekend - too bad the timing is wrong for meeting up with you and Jenn!

Mike said...

DC: did Warner play for the Rams? I was kind if hoping they'd win too, but I really didn't care either way. The last 5 minutes were pretty exciting though.

Florinda: Rain?! Aw, crap. It will be fun anyway.

We do stuff like that on midnights to make it less sucky. :) It doesn't have to be a big holiday, any excuse will work.

Oh well, I hope it doesn't rain on you guys.

Dreamybee said...

OMG, me too on the laser eye surgery thing. Everyone I know is always telling me I should get it done, there have been millions of successful surgeries, we know all these people who have had it done and love it. But it's my eyes, people!

Mike said...

Dreamybee: Okay, you can let me know when you get it done. Then maybe I will. Maybe. :)

dc said...

Not only did Warner play for the Rams, he won us the Sb in 99' and took us to a second SB in 01'.

Mike said...

DC: Okay, I didn't remember all that. I know he's been around a while. After a while all the Super Bowls without the Bears get blurry and mashed together. As you know, there are a lot of the without the Bears. :)