Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Food Meme. Because, well, we all have to eat.

I saw this meme on Unfocused Me's blog. He said we can consider ourselves tagged, and it seemed like a fun meme, so I'm going to do it.

1. How do you like your eggs?

I like mine over easy. I need a little crust on the top to hold in the yolk so I can dunk my toast in it after I eat the white part. However, when I do make them I tend to break the yolk anyway. It is very frustrating.

2. How do you take your coffee/tea?

I don't. I will drink iced tea sometimes, but it is usually the pre-made kind. I don't think that counts.

3. Favorite breakfast food.

Bacon. Okay, pancakes and bacon. It has to have bacon with it. And syrup. Hash browns would be good with that too.

4. Peanut butter.

You know, as I kid I always had the chunky kind. It was my favorite. Now that I have to make my own, and realize that the little chunks are like small blades intent on ripping the bread open, I eat creamy. I eat the reduced fat style. Losing 1/10 of a gram of fat really helps!

5. What kind of dressing on your salad?

Hmm. I like French and Italian. As a kid I would have Catalina and my brother would have Western. They were both French style, but why would I eat the same as my brother? That's stupid.

6. Coke or Pepsi?

I generally don't drink plain cola. I'm more partial to Dr. Pepper right now. I used to be a Pepsi guy, just because that is what my mom bought.

7. You're feeling lazy. What do you make?

When am I not lazy? Maybe a frozen pizza. Probably order out.

8. You're feeling really lazy. What kind of pizza do you order?

Usually cheese. Me and the kids like that, Jenn sucks it up since you can't order other stuff on 1/4 of the pizza.

9. You feel like cooking. What do you make?

Let's see, I made a small roast the other day, with twice baked potatoes. It was good, and the kids actually liked it. Actually, my son like the beef and my daughter liked the potatoes. At least it was eaten up.

10. Do any foods bring back good memories?

Spaghettio's do, but I can't eat them now. Wow, they do not taste good as an adult! One food we used to have growing up that I still eat, but will probably gross people out, is fried bologna on toast, covered with cream corn. I just had some yesterday! (I told you it would gross you out.)

11. Do any foods bring back bad memories?

I can't eat tacos from home. The smell of the taco seasonings make me ill due to a bad experience a while back. I can have taco from restaurants though. Go figure.

12.  Do any foods remind you of someone?

I associate an aunt with a particular chocolate bar that she use to make. Unfortunately nobody seems to have the recipe.

13. Is there a food you refuse to eat?

Fish. Don't like it. Never have.

14. What was your favorite food as a child?

Pizza, Suzy Q's, Ding Dongs, Ho-Ho's, PB&J. I seem to remember looking forward to meatloaf nights as well.

15. Is there a food that you hated as a child but now like?

No, because like every good child, I never tried those foods again. And don't try to make me!

16. Is there a food that you liked as a child but now hate?

Spaghettio's. Really, what was I thinking?

17. Favorite fruits and vegetables.

Bananas, corn, peas, apples, tomatoes (you tell me which one they belong to), potatoes. Don't get me wrong, I don't eat these as much as I should, I just like them.

18. Favorite junk food.

M&M's. Probably the peanut variety, followed by the peanut butter, then plain.

19. Favorite between meal snack.

See above.

20. Do you have any weird food habits?

I don't think so. My wife might be a better person to ask that question; I might not know they are weird.

21. You're on a diet. What food(s) do you fill up on?

Ha Ha Ha Ha! Stop! Your killing me!

22. You're off your diet. Now what would you like?

See number 18.

23. How spicy do you order Indian/Thai?

I don't eat either. Yes, I am boring.

24. Can I get you a drink?

Sure, a nice Sam Adams beer would be nice.

25. Red or White Wine?

Neither. See 23. I have tried a port once; it wasn't bad.

26. Favorite dessert?

I nice hot fudge Sunday.

27. The perfect nightcap?

Another beer please.

That was a little longer than I thought. Go ahead an answer any question you like in the comments. Or do the whole thing on your blog.



Anonymous said...

People think I'm weird because I love beets! Give me some beets with lemon juice and I'm happy! I also like vinegar a lot. I'm so not a sweet tooth kind of person!

I agree that anything Chef Boyardee puts in a can is horrible! What was I thinking as a kid?!

Mike said...

DC: Beets with lemon juice? That is weird. :)

It's funny, you don't like sweets but you seem to like sour things.

I don't know why we liked that stuff. My kids eat it now. I'm sure they will hate it later.

Anonymous said...

How did I forget bacon? Ok, me too, on the bacon thing.

Mike said...

Unfocused Me: Yes, how did you forget bacon. The food of the gods.

Anonymous said...

I think the peanut butter one is funny b/c I think it's the weirdest thing... Like, I don't like "it", but I love Reese's Cups and snacks containing it. It's just the thought of it alone that drains me.

Mike said...

Veronda: That's not all that strange. Peanut butter tastes much better with chocolate! :)

Florinda said...

I assume the Ho-Ho's you mentioned in #14 are the kind we remember, not those travesties they've put in a Ho-Ho's wrapper but we know are NOT right.

I'm planning to do this one too, but you stole it first :-).

Mike said...

Florinda: Yes, I'm talking about the real Ho-Ho's the ones that came in the foil wrap. I usually steal from you, I'm surprised I beat you to it. :)