Monday, December 31, 2007

Goals for 2008

I put up my goals for next year off to the right. My wife feels my goals are too easy. She's not being mean, she just feels that I don't believe in myself enough. She feels that since she was able to get to 18 miles last year, that I should be able to do a lot more than I think I can. The only thing is that I don't have the determination and dedication she has.

I figure that since I didn't start running until June of 2007, and my best 5K time was 29:58 last year, that those goals are about right. Plus, I've never run more than 4 miles, so throwing the Walter Payton run in there is pretty scary for me. Sure, some of the goals may not be too lofty, but that way I have a better chance of reaching them, then maybe I can change them up again.

A marathon is totally out of the question though. That is just way out of my league.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

We're getting the band back together

I happened to find this site just before Christmas. Being a long time MST3K fan I was pretty excited. And, after I dropped a small hint, unintentionally I might add, my wife bought it for me for Christmas. It is on order and will be here in about 2 weeks. I will report back then.

I'm glad the guys got back together. I watched MST3K all the years it was available in my area, but I always liked the episodes with Joel the best. It had something to due with his delivery, I think. Anyway, go. Buy. Now.

That is all.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Multimedia message

Snowy day. Testing mobile blog. Ah, technology...

That's Incredible!

I, like 99% of the public that has TiVo, do not like to watch commercials. There is a certain type that I will stop and watch however, the "Amazing Product That You Must Own Or You Will Regret It The Rest Of Your Life" commercial. I saw one today for Mighty Putty. It has the guy that likes to talk really loudly to get your attention, you know the guy. Based on the commercial, you can throw out all your tools and your jars full of screws, nuts and bolts, buy some vials of the Mighty Putty and fix your whole house. Have a chair that the leg broke off, Mighty Putty! Hole in the drywall, Mighty Putty! Leak in the roof, Mighty Putty! Power line down in the back yard, Mighty Putty! I just watched the video again. Why did they fix the hammer with Mighty Putty to nail the two pieces of wood together? Shouldn't they just Mighty Putty (yes, I used it as a verb) the two pieces of wood together. One less step...

I hope the people at NASA have seen the commercial. Imagine how much easier it would be to use Mighty Putty to repair broken heat tiles on the space shuttle! Heck, if they just used it in the first place they would never fall off.

The best part of these kind of commercials is how they make everyone look like complete losers who can't do simple tasks with out hurting their back, or bringing the whole house down around them. Have you seen the one for the "Best TV Tray Ever" where the old lady practically has a stroke while moving the "old fashioned" TV tray in front of her? The old style didn't have awesome sliding legs. I'm surprised more deaths weren't related to those old, bulky trays. I think we need Quincy to look into some old death records -- just to be sure.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Welcome to the 21st Century

OK, so I'm nearly 7 years (8 if you think the 21st century started in 2000) late, but I felt the time was right to start a blog. Why? Well, my wife just did. What better reason do I need? Actually, I had been tossing the idea around for a while, but that was the last little push I needed. Wives are always good at giving that little push, whether or not the guy thinks he needs it.

The title of the blog says it all. This blog will be a little bit about everything -- well maybe not everything. How about, everything that I find interesting, humorous, or (gasp!) thought-provoking. I will probably stay away from politics, I'm not well versed in politics, so I'd probably make a fool out of myself. Now don't get me wrong, a politician barfing all over a leader of another country, or himself, will make this blog!

Another Christmas is over, so that means the kids have a mountain of new toys, and our garbage man has his work cut out for him tomorrow. Also, that means I need to stop eating candy for breakfast and get back to running. I managed to do that today, the running part. I left the kids with my mom while I attempted to run for 30 minutes. At about 15 minutes I was ready to die. I totally blame the cold air and not the extra 10 pounds I gained on my diet of chocolate, cheese and those meat sticks that are about 90% fat. It's a start, and isn't that always the hardest part?

That's all for now. The kids are too loud playing Power Rangers next to me. I think they need my help...