Tuesday, December 22, 2009

These actually work!

You know how I like to make fun of commercials for ridiculous products, right? Well, let me tell you, Magic Sliders actually work. I bought these the other day to help us move some furniture out of the living room so we could tear up the carpet. So I popped a few under the love seat and, BAM!, I was able to slide it around the room and out of there all by myself. Same thing with the full sized couch. Now, there still was friction and some effort was needed since they aren't really magical and the laws of physics still apply, but it was much easier. It helped out a lot when my brother and I moved the entertainment center out of the room.

So, there. I'm going to recommend a product that I would normally make fun of. Well, actually, I usually make more fun out of the commercials than the products. Am I going to change my ways and give things a chance now? No, probably not. Most of those products like this are gimmicky garbage that doesn't do anything remotely close to what it says it will. Not to mention the commercials make the average person look like an idiot.

See, I just gave you a last minute gift Idea.

(No, I did not get these for fee, nor was I paid to say this. I swear! Call them and ask!)


Florinda said...

I'll back you up on this one - they DO work. We've still got some under the entertainment center and the big bed, which are both heavy pieces. (And no one's paying me to say that, either.)

Cookie said...

That's very good to know. Those do seem to be more likely to work than some of the other things we see ads for.

Mike said...

Florinda: You left them under there? I guess that makes sense, especially if you like to re-arrange furniture. :)

Cookie: Yeah, that don't seem as crazy as some things out there.