Monday, October 25, 2010

Shit in my mom's house #1

My mom is one of those people who never throws anything away. It's not like she needs to be on Hoarders, it's mostly stuff in cabinets and closets that have lost their usefulness long ago. I'm not saying I'm good at letting stuff go, actually I'm far from it. You should see the garage. But my stuff isn't really old, therefore it is not very funny or interesting. Take this for instance:

Imitation butter flavored salt. The name pretty much describes exactly what it is. How can you tell this is super old. Well, the name gives it away. It's like some scientist is describing it to me. No flair at all. If this was on the shelves currently it would have a name like Wonder Salt for Popcorn. Or, something like that. I'm not a marketing guy or anything.

So, how old do you think this is? Any guesses? Come on, I'll wait....

Can you read that date? Yep, it says November 17, 1979. This bottle was in my mom's cabinet before we found out that Darth Vader was Luke's dad! Hell, we probably smuggled this bottle into the theater to put on our popcorn.

There is much more stuff like this in my mom's house. I won't post them all in a row or anything. But there are some doozies.


Cookie said...

It's in a glass jar! :D

Tragically discontinued. I can't imagine why. ;^)

stacey said...

Oh my god, I remember having this in our house in the late 70s/early 80s! It was ADDICTIVE! I love salt, I love butter, so give me the FAKE BOTH!

I really miss being a kid sometimes.

Mike said...

Cookie: Of course it's glass, we didn't have plastic int eh 70s. :)

Stacey: Really? I actually don't remember what it tastes like. I wasn't going to try either. Not without an EMT standing by.

Mike Sullivan said...

I think I have some of that. But I suggest listing it on ebay.