Friday, July 1, 2011

The Shed Vac

Do you dream of vacuuming your pet? Do you really believe that your pet will sit still for this? Is your pet 15 years old? Then you're in luck! The Shed Vac is for you!

Look how much the pet enjoys it! I bet your dog wished it's mother would have used this on him instead of her tongue when he was born. Wouldn't you rather vacuum yourself instead of taking a shower? Think of all the money you'd save on water bills!

Get it the Shed Vac today! Your pet probably won't kill you. Just make sure you have a good supply of bandages available if using this on your cat!


Carrie#K said...

Your pet probably won't kill you on her first try, you mean.

Dreamybee said...

Buster used to LOVE getting vacuumed! I would try to vacuum our house and he would wander around and then "casually" stop in front of the vacuum and look at me like, Oh, I didn't see you standing there with the vacuum cleaner...but, um, since you've got it out and everything, if you wanted to vacuum me...I guess that'd be OK. If I tried to ignore him he'd just keep doing it until I finally gave in. We've got the vacuum where the handle converts to a hose, and I'd put the brush attachment on and vacuum him and he'd just revel in it.

Mike said...

Carrie: Ha! True. Though mine might. :)

Dreamybee: Really? That's weird. My dogs usually want to hide when the vacuum comes out. Maybe my dogs are too high strung. :)