Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #21: Youngins'

This week Carly asked us to take some photos of young things: kids, animals, plants, you name it. This week I have to go to the archives to complete the assignment. Since it is the middle of winter here in Chicago I couldn't go out and find any good examples. Or, I should say, new examples. I did find some older pictures.

Here is a picture of a polar bear cub with his mother. Let's hear it -- awww.

Here is a picture of the kids watching some dolphins swim a while ago.

And, for the last picture, here's one of Quincy that I didn't put in his birthday post.

It's still hard to remember him that small.

Now that you've checked out mine, go check out the rest of the photos. You know you want to.


Carly said...

Hiya Mike :)

Oh my, AWWWWWWW! The kids, the polar bear, and of course, the puppy! What a beautiful puppy he is! You have helped me end my weekend with a smile once again! You're the best!

Have a good week nice man!

-Carly :)

Terri said...

Sweet babies -- I should have gone to the Portland zoo to get a photo of our new baby elephant. Love the puppy!

Wammy said...

I have always wanted to see a baby polar bear. Now I have. Our Zoo has a time in the spring called Zoo Babies (Cincinnati). We aleays try to make that a day trip. Love the zoo babies. Love your puppy shot too. Looks like he might be a handful!

Mike said...

Carly: Glad to help! :)

Terri: Baby elephants are always fun. It's amazing how big they are, and how big they get, of course.

Wammy: Yes, the puppy is a handful, especially since he is so much bigger now. I think they have zoo baby things at our zoo, too. I could be wrong though.

dc said...

Great pics. Quincy really has grown but, they never stay puppies long enough. lol

Mike said...

DC: No they don't. Of course, we could have gotten a tony dog, but I'm not a big fan of those.

Suzanne R said...

Neat pictures all! I would also love to see the new baby elephant at Portland's zoo, although he probably won't be so little by the time I get around to going up there. A baby polar bear is mighty cute, too. The children are adorable, and so was Quincy as a pup.

Mike said...

Suzanne: Thanks. Yeah, baby animals are always cute and fun to see at the zoo. Maybe there will be something good at our zoo this spring.