Sunday, January 25, 2009

I need a haircut

Exciting, isn't it? I do need one though; I can't remember when I got it cut last. It's out of control. I don't want to sound like a guy who really cares about that kind of stuff, but it is way to long to make it sit on my head properly. So I end up looking quite a bit like the kid from the movie My Bodyguard. You don't know what i mean, well here's a picture for you. I'm talking about the smaller kid, but the big guy's hair looks similar to mine too.

See how the kid's hair is kind of all over the place? That is what mine is doing. When I leave for work my hair is still a little damp, so when I go outside into the wind my hair looks like it was combed with an egg beater. (Remember those? Wow, they still sell them!) The fun part is when I go to use the bathroom a few hours after I get to work and look in the mirror.  No wonder people don't make eye contact with me. I have crazy person hair.

When will I get it cut? Let's see, I start work at 3 pm tomorrow. I could do if before work, but I should clean up around the house while the kids are at school. I'm off on Tuesday, but I work late the night before, so I might want to take a nap after I drop the kids off at school. By the time I get up, clean up myself and get something to eat I won't have enough time. Wednesday is out, I have too much to do. Thursday I work at 3 pm again, but...I may just have to get it cut on our trip in 2 weeks.

You know what I need? Someone to cut my hair at work? Wouldn't that be perfect? For guys I mean. Guys like me who just get it cut and don't add any color or any other stuff to their hair. I think the market may be a little small. Like one person.


Jenn said...

In the amount of time it took you to write the post, you probably could have gotten your hair cut :)

Florinda said...

My son went almost a year between haircuts in 2007. I WISH I were making that up. Luckily, I didn't have to see it much, since we live across the country from each other.

He works for a pretty conservative company now, though, so he has to keep it from getting out of hand.

My husband has decided to let his hair get longer, but he's still getting it trimmed every couple of months. I'd say just go ahead and get it over with, even if it's just at one of those walk-in places.

Mike said...

Jenn: But only if my idea of getting a haircut at work pans out.

Florinda: It hasn't been a year, but a couple of months easy.

Don't worry, it will be one of those cheap walk-in places. I don't spend much on my hair -- and it shows. :)