Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let me read you a story

Don't worry, it is really short. It was written by my seven year-old son, how long could it be?

It's called, The Good News and the Bad News. Here's a shot of the cover for you.

See how on the left side there is a happy kid with a sun over his head, while on the right the kid is getting rained on? Great, huh? Let me just tell you this; if I had to draw this it would look almost the same. I have terrible drawing skills. And painting skills. Or, anything that requires fine motor skills. Or talent.

Let's move on to the body of the story.

It says: The good news is my dad is turning 40. The bad news is I have to wait.

Yes, he can't wait to be 40. I guess he can't wait to start getting gray hair, go to work, pay bills, or any of that fun stuff.

In his defense, Jenn and I think he's talking about us going on our trip next week and he has to wait until June to go to Disney. Or, he thinks you get to go on a trip when you turn 40.

On a somewhat related note; he did tell me when he gets to be 16, and has a job, he's going to save up to by us a minivan. He really has a thing for minivans.


dc said...

Like the rest of us when we were kids he doesn't know any better if he wants to be 40. He'll learn. lol

Florinda said...

By the time he turns 16, he'll probably be over the thing for minivans :-).

The trip's next week? We'll try to turn on the good weather for you!

Mike said...

DC: I don't know, when I was a kid 40 seemed ancient. But you are right, I didn't know any better. I do remember not being able to wait until I had a job. What was I thinking! :)

Florinda: I hope. Unless he decides he wants a full size van with shag carpet inside and a giant painting on the side. That could be worse.

Yes, we leave next Friday.

Jenn said...

I still smile when I see this . . .we need to save this for A's 40th birthday . . .hopefully we'll still be around and kicking.