Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random Wednesday (it's back)

I thought today was the perfect day to do a Random Wednesday. It's been awhile.

I watched some of Knight Rider today. I had no choice! I read the short synopsis in the newspaper and it said the doctor guy (that's his name, really) was fixing a sick robot. How do you pass up something like that? I haven't watched the show since I wrote about the mini-series last February but, not surprisingly, it hasn't gotten any better.

There were a few parts I had problems with, or should I say the most problems with. Anyway, the Bad Guy was in this warehouse that was surrounded by an EMP field so the Knight Rider guys couldn't see inside with any of their special toys. Or detect any kind of radio signal out of, for that matter. I can see that, I guess, but my question was; how is the Bad Guy able to remotely control an aircraft drone and get radio signals to all his fancy computer equipment?

Also, the sick robot was lonely and jealous of KITT and all the attention it was getting. Yes, I am serious. So the Good Doctor is able to build a robot with such great AI that it can be jealous but can't speak except in blips and beeps? He must have designed R2-D2 as well.

I have created a monster in my house. My daughter has begun reciting commercials. I really didn't have anything to do this. But, when she talks about Miracle Hangers and getting Jenn the ultimate purse that can hold anything, I know I am in trouble. Next she's going to be asking for ShamWows.

Okay, I need to go to bed.


Florinda said...

Thank you for saving me from ever having to watch Knight Rider. And I think your daughter's new habit is the reason why some people only let their kids watch PBS :-).

Mike said...

Florinda: I'm here to help. It is fun to make fun of the show. :)

The problem with PBS is Calliou is on there. He teaches kids to whine. Constantly. Ugh.

Unfocused Me said...

Junior wants us all to buy Oxyclean. And those vacuum bags for holding sweaters. And the pancake puff maker. And Pedipaws, even though we don't have any pets that have feet.

I greatly prefer Caillou to Franklin, BTW. But then, I prefer bamboo shoots up my fingernails to Franklin.

dc said...

Remakes of old shows are more than likely going to be crap. So, i'm not surprised the show sucked.

Mike said...

Unfocused: You know, my daughter picked out the pancake puff maker for my sister for her last birthday. Yes, I did buy it.

It's so sad that you pets don't have feet. :)

DC; You better not be talking about Battlestar Galactica! ;)