Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weekend Assignment #251: Fantasy Sabbatical

This Weekend Assignment comes to us courtesy of Florinda. She came up with the idea and passed it along to Karen, who added the extra credit. I've been trying to come up with ideas too, but mine have been kind of lame so far. But, that is another story. On to the topic!

Weekend Assignment #251: You have a six-month paid sabbatical, and you can spend it anywhere you like EXCEPT on a beach drinking margaritas. Where do you go, and what do you do while you're there?

First, I have something to say. When I hear the term 'sabbatical' I can't help but think of Ross from Friends being forced to take time off of work because he went crazy because someone stole his turkey sandwich. Maybe that is just me.

So, where would I go? Is it okay if I drink beer? Good. I'd probably go a few places. I'd head out to the Pacific Northwest first. Maybe travel from Vancouver down through Oregon and stop before I got to California. (No offense California!)

I've heard there is great scenery along the coastline, and plenty of places to hike. I'm not a hiker, but I would do it for this trip. I'd make sure they were short hikes though, I don't want to get lost and eaten by a bear. Also, there are some nice golf courses in Oregon I'd like to try out. While I'm golfing Jenn could hang out at a spa or something. (Yes, she would be there too.)

Oops: I hit enter before I was done, meant to add some things)

I've been trying to learn how to take proper photographs; my plan would be to learn how to take nice scenery shots as I traveled the coast. I don't know if six months would be long enough for that.

I think I could find enough to do for six months. If I had some time left we could head over to Las Vegas for a few days. I don't gamble much, but it's not my money, so why not? Do you think they would let me take pictures of the casino floor? Me neither?

Extra Credit: In real life, have you ever gone anywhere enjoyable at an employer's expense?

I have gone to Las Vegas and Seattle on the company's money. They only paid for hotel and transportation and food, no gambling money. I spent the night in my hotel room in Seattle since I was ill, so I don't count it.

Where would you go?


dc said...

I also think of Friends, but I think of the part where Ross tells Joey he's on sabbatical and Joey tells him not to "get all religious". :)

I would probably travel all over Europe.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

That would be a great trip!

And I HAVE taken photos on the casino floor at at least two Las Vegas hotels.

Florinda said...

I didn't make that Friends connection, but then again, Ross was always my least favorite Friend. I've known too many guys like him in real life :-).

Any trip involving a car and a camera would have to be a good one. I like your plan.

Mike said...

DC: I think that is the scene I remember. I just remember Ross yelling it out, but Joey saying that afterwards would make a lot of sense.

Europe would be a good choice!

Karen: You did? I figures you wouldn't be able to; maybe that would only be the case if I was taking pictures of the cards dealt, or something.

Florinda: I didn't mknd Ross, but he wasn't my favorite either.

Yes, the camera would be important, as you know from your trip this summer.