Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tag! I think I'm it.

Mr. Unfocused kind of tagged me for a meme last week, so I guess I better get around to doing it. I think I have seen variations of this hanging around the interwebs, but that doesn't mean I've done it before. I have to name six things that make me happy. We'll see if I can come up with six. By the way, the usual rules apply. So that means I will not follow them. Call me a rebel!

Six things that make me Happy. (In no particular order, mind you.)

1. M&M's. Yes, they really do. You know how my favorite TV doctors talk about stress eating? I'm one of them, but I just get myself some M&M's and go to town.  Then my stomach hurts and that takes my mind off of the stress. See how that works?

2. Music. With the right music I can come out of a funk pretty easily. It definitely helps me when I'm cleaning the house or running. Certain music will do the opposite, though. Seriously, if you listen to Coldplay when you are depressed, you are going to feel much worse when that album is over.

3. Movies. Especially movies from when I was a teenager or a little older. I must watch Uncle Buck, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Spaceballs, Caddyshack and Die Hard whenever they come on. Sometimes old, bad movies make me feel good, too. I like watching them and wondering who thought it was a good idea. Or, just laughing at the implausibility of certain movies. Some Sci Fi movies fit in there well. Many times Jenn will ask me why I am watching the movie if it is stupid. I don't know. I guess that is why I like MST3K so much.

4. Playing Golf. I'm not all that good, but I have fun. Well, most of the time. Sometimes I want to wrap a club around a tree, but who doesn't fell that way sometimes?

5. My days off. Enough said.

6. Obviously my family. Sometimes the kids can stress me out, but they are good for the most part. I enjoy watching my son read and trying to figure out what is going to happen next in the book. I like how my daughter plays house with her dolls. I enjoy spending time, when we get some, with my wife -- doing anything. Well, maybe not shopping, but almost anything.

There you have it. Six things that make me happy. What about you? You can leave some things in the comments if you want. Feel free!


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Good to see you back, too -- have you ever gone a week and a half without posing before?

Anonymous said...

Ignore my comment. Not sure why Google Reader didn't show any of your recent posts, but it is now. I take back any slur on your blogging productivity.

Mike said...

Unfocused: That's okay. I knew you would figure out you were wrong. :)

I think Google Reader doesn't like me sometimes. I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

Things that make me happy: My family, my friends, my dog, my days off and booze! lol

Mike said...

DC: How did I know you were going to mention booze? :)