Friday, February 1, 2008

Clean as a Whistle

My wife picked up Irish Spring soap at the store the other day. Every time I use the soap I think of those old commercials for Irish Spring. "Fresh and clean as a Whistle." Looking back on it now I wonder, why did the guy always shower outside? Was he too poor to have a shower in the house? Was it supposed to make you feel that you would be cleaner as you shower with nature? You know what? Nature is dirty and smelly. My dorm in college was across the from a farm, as natural as you can get, when spring hit it stunk. Bad. That is nature people, smelly.

The showering guy would also cut into the soap to show you the middle. I guess he wanted to prove that it wasn't hollow like a cheap, chocolate Easter bunny. I guess he cleaned his hunting knife as he showered, that's why it was handy.

Back in those days we were a Coast family. I needed soap to get me going in the morning. Most people drink coffee, I used caffeinated soap. That was the idea of Coast, right? Am I wrong?

Wow! I was joking, but there really is soap with caffeine.

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