Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Assignment #204: My Favorite Year

Karen's Assignment this week asks the following:

Is there a year in your life to date that you remember with special fondness? When was it, and what made it so special?

Hmm. I read this on Friday and I've been thinking about it all weekend. It is not easy to answer, as Karen has found out for herself.

I could go with the year my wife and I got married. Since the wedding was in October, we had 10 months of stress followed by two months of relaxation. That's not quite enough to cover the whole year.

I have the year that each child was born. But, how do I pick one? That's like choosing a favorite child; it never works out well. I don't want the kids reading this in a few years and getting mad at me. I'll have enough trouble without the help of this post.

So, I'm going to go with 2000. I finished my return trip to school about 18 months before, we both had good paying jobs, and we went to Maui. The trip itself made the year. It was relaxing, the weather was great, and we didn't want to come home. If you have never been to Hawaii, you need to go. Now. It truly is a paradise. Have a Mai Tai on me, or better yet, a lava flow. Great, now I want to go back. This winter is killing me.

Extra credit: Are you likely to have an even better year in the future, or is that year simply unbeatable?

It will be tough, but I'm sure I'll have a better year. The kids are young, I have their school careers and weddings to look forward to. Of course that means a lot of money to pay as well.


Karen Funk Blocher said...

I had no idea this was going to be such a problem question for people! Right: next week, something lightweight and fun!

And I'd love to visit Maui, and also the Big Island. All I've ever seen of Hawaii came in three frantic days of driving around Oahu, cramming in as much as we could. It wasn't nearly enough!

Mike said...

Maui is the only island we've been to. It was great. You have to go on the road to Hana and a lava tube tour. Both are a little scary, but fun.

Florinda said...

I have never been to Hawaii, so you're one up on me. I totally believe that a trip there could make your whole year!

I haven't been to your blog before today either, but I'll be back. Thanks for stopping by mine.

Couldn't help noticing the Dewey Donation System badge in your sidebar, since I have on on my blog too!

Mike said...

Thanks for stopping by Florinda!

Yes, Hawaii is great. I think it is one place everyone needs to go at least once.

Kiva said...

I can hear the swishing of the hula skirts now. If you've only visited Maui, you have got to visit the Big Island.

Hey, you forgot about the future grandkids. I didn't know life could be so much fun.

Mike said...

Kiva: my wife and I are talking about when we are going back; we will probably island hop a bit. I guess I did forget about grandkids. It's hard to imagine that right now with the kids so young. It will probably happen before I know it.