Friday, February 15, 2008

This air is making me thirsty

There is so much salt in the air out here in Chicagoland. Every time I lick my lips it tastes like I've just eaten a bag of potato chips or come out of the ocean. Combine the salty air with the cold, and it makes me thirsty all the time. I wonder if the extra salt in the air can contribute to high blood pressure? Someone should probably study that.

The roads are white, all the cars on the road are white, regardless of their original color, and there is a fine hazy whiteness to the air. That must be good for the lungs, don't you think? There is another snow storm probable Sunday, too. I feel I need to apologize again. I'm sorry.

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John from Grand Haven, MI said...

remember the seinfeld episode where george starts saying "these pretzels are making me very thirsty!" whenever he got mad? classic!

tell the wife and kids nice work on the itouch! my fam got me an xbox a few years ago but it was quickly commandeered by my son.